Disguised concert pianist stuns unsuspecting travelers

LEARN PIANO ONLINE at package with e-books and 200 videos for download.Piano performance by disguised pianist on a public piano.

Mesi Mumm


Tyson sabbe

Holy fucking shit these people are actually stupid as fuck, I always thought I was retarted but watching these mid 20 year olds acting like children and knowing less knowledge than children makes me realize I’m not doing so bad. Anyone who finds this entertaining is absolutely autistic

vijey pravin

who is the panda.


loqueesha sounds like an awesome show


Eliana Pasternak

so many people are complaining in the comments that dinsey hasn't revealed anything about the movie with this trailer... but if they did, everyone would still be complaining that they had 'already seen the whole movie through the trailer' come on guys, just be happy with something

Ryan Studios

The butter and popcorn thing is the best idea ever


do "another one"


Looks like, the builders from the village will finally meet their father.

Hunny I already judged you

Martha Gomez

Look at the hammer 3:10


When you realize both are injured 😅

Zaywhaz O


Aishath Yusra

Oh me me


Morbid daydreaming is one of my worst symptoms . I’ve had the horrible urge to kill someone for a few minutes or days or something now . And I feel like I’m a new person again

Lea-Maude. Rosse. Nicolas, levesque.

I want to ne your freind sooo bas en i am sooo sory d'or you m'y dather is 11 en she is sansible to. Maby you cold ask your mom to talk to ôter mother ho have children ait the samedi sensibltes. I juste say love your self.💖

Bɪɢ Pᴀᴘᴀ Jᴀꜱᴏɴ

Why is it only about guys tho? Why can't it be about a girl? It's always a story about a guy cheating...

Callum Dryden

Hang on. If battlefield and cod have teddy Easter eggs, then does that mean anything?


hey guru you forgot the "Smokey and the bandit" Easter egg where you can find the car from Smokey and the bandit called "The Firebird"

bob ross

I love ur story I'm a geek to and want to do the same thing as you because I love technology and I'm born in Canada and I also use pay pal and my parents aren't really rich I'm learning more about computers and rockets and vehicles


Raw mango plucking battle

Xxxmeanman Echols

Wow first age restricted video is wheel of misfortune

Storm Swanson

Mx stereotypes

hilda aka winterdotter

Finally an accurate story about autism!

And a lot of people don't understand how it feels to go through this


My brother have something like that....

Rashmi Joshi Deshpande

I am a fan of these guys

Rachelle Caballero

Feels the same

Enes yıldırım

Lots of guys with lots of Vaseline. Not gonna end well.

Harry Orellana

Hermanos de Leche

GuruArmy <3

Brittany Stoddard

Will you guys go to the ann arbor air time?

Fun with Plushies

I thought Bill Gates was the richest person in the world?????

minie minie minie i am

This is honestly one of the worst videos I’ve watched... so homophobic bruh, like this shit is normalizing the most terrible thing???