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Андрей Абрамов

How big is their camera lenses???

girl: FBI? yeah my boy wants some of that stuff oh my god like that's not normal i'm going to die please send in a tactical nuke

I know my dad loves us more than anything in the world but sometimes it seems different


No one-

Jeyenem Torres



I wouldn't hesitate to support directly north korean refugees once i finish my studies so any links or clues related to the topic?

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pendu jatt

Its fake

Phantom GD

I’m watching in 2019. Who is? Like this if u are.


on 7:30 there is a computer with a mouse and a mouse pad on the mouse pad it has the naughty dog logo on it u did not point that one out

Jordan Downing

coby made it can reload and unload


Landen Reed

Seattle seahawks


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Kyzoren D. Tirrem

We need to science up a meat-plant... like, a tree or something, with meat flavored/textured fruit... Or take it ten steps further, make something like that machine in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs...

Daniele Gasparoni

You are a genius.

Nemrac Stark

i love your voice and i love you for the jumpscare warning xD

Kimberly Medina

Ugh 😑 I was so upset I flew out and didn’t get a ticket 🎫. Unfortunately dang I am so upset .

Justin Vader

He was actually really good. Sounded like the weekend.

Joshua Valdez

Dude perfect was wondering were can i find traxxas what store


"I am being deported against my will"

Fruity Tootie

I'm eating some amazing chips

The Frøst Dragøn


xuan tung tran

you should flip a car

Mion Ru

Correct me if I am wrong but wasn't his hair were black? 😅

cameran griffith

say stuff about kylie all you want but you can’t say she isn’t a good ass mom. she treats stormi like a queen

Andy Gonzalez

Bruh, dont worry about it being short. All your videos are great. Keep it up.

Matthew Cardoza

Lucky you guys are with the best rugby team in the world even though I don’t support them


she kind of looks like true beauty jugyeong