Education system of Hong Kong [English]

Hong Kong education system can be complex. Especially questions like what is compulsory education, is it free, what are the types of schools etc. Watch Unison’s video on “Education System of Hong Kong” and it will clear your doubts.***************************************Find detailed info on HK Education system & policy: out about financial assistance provided by the government in kindergarten, primary, secondary and tertiary education on the Student Finance Office website: website on the Education services for non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students: check out CHSC website / Schools / Kindergartens, Primary or Secondary school Profiles: inquiries on school information or application procedure, contact the EDB Regional Office in your district: Unison at 2789 3246 or send a WhatsApp message to us at 4002 9743.Got feedback? Find out more on our website: #empowereddecisions #hongkongunison #UnisonEduVideoSeries

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