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The bigger question is did them two white milfs get pregnant from Kyle Lowry falling on them?

She is cleaning out the "swap."

Mélanie Villeneuve


Shadow Zane

my friend scared the living day light out of me on the jump scare

Na No

How can you be sad if you got a B? Can anyone explain me this ?

Sadcanofbeans .s

Merry Christmas from New Zealand

It's hard

My friend-I’m here to so …

Ryan Simkiss

The noob


Are you still doing easter eggs inside your videos?

Mega Squishy

The "Call of Duty Series" Never even ENDED

kayla nguyen

seattle space needle next!

Vinod Byahatti

Lol panda

Maeve Maze

2:46 Is that Jack BLACK

Erik - Brawl Stars

also i taught that the panda was digging a grave

Jeffrey Woods

Thank you funwithguru for the vids

Jailbreak Pro 99

Team coby all the way

Nikita TV

Why not ping pong sing song?


OR she has a phobia for people touching her.

Landon Larsen

Panda on that jet ski tho

Jülìåňã'ş Gåćhå ştüdïø TM

My mom smokes....

Andres Cortez

Arcade game shot he missed


Guru are you Jewish? And happy new year man. Love your videos.

stoopid heart

Who Watch this 2017

Sue Amien

Inspired to not waste my life


I knew there would be a dark souls campfire I KNEW IT


Republic Commando will always be my fav <3 have it for original xbox and Steam

Nunya Bisnez

I'm here thinking "Aww sweet a new Vid about jumpscares, shouldnt be too scary and sounds like fun!.." #10 Mama. "oh fuck.."

Slender Falcon

Dang, that ghost army was fast!

Ryan Tube

Wee 1he he he mr beast is better

Mario Zabala

This video really shows how guru is an editing god, keep up the good work!


Dumb white girl! Getting too deep after just 4 months!

Hope everything goes well!


Equalizer 2.

Dustin Long

yeh were all woundering were could u get an airplane at an airport questions questions

Braxton Jay Hamson

You guys should plz start bro mo (guy things in slo mo) up again

NotDoge Plays Sfg2

It looks fun except for those who are afraid of heights

March McQuin


Billie Grande

Isn’t this just the teaser trailer extended 😂

Danii Won

Kurva anyatokat

Doane Ponder

Hey Sam,im gonna need you to start making ANY steak recipes medium well to well done cuz that reddish pink mess is VERY UNAPPETIZING!!! Thank You Sir!

ur not fat, ur just curvy

shay kinsella

Anyone 2019?!??!

Got Lime

DJ Khaled @ 8:38

Youtube Commenter

So, kids the moral of the story is turn bullies into trolls and ruin their lives.

Bartek Powala

I have no friends sooooooo - my friend is what ever you want it to be😁