Episode 8 Control robotic arm by mobile phone APP - YouTube

The introduction of the mobile phone APP and how to control the robotic arm with it. It also shows you how to play games with robotic arm by using mobile phone APP.

Jillian Porter

All this stuff must've taken so long to do

Jake Loftus

Why does Cody’s phone call make him sound like Lester from gta?

Pot Ato

Wait wha..? What did they do to you at the start :0

Thinnest Carrot


Maryam Malik

Nice amazing

갤럭시즈 크GalaxyzCream

oh no.. i hope i wont get this and i hope i dont have pain when my period started.. HOPE THIS HAPPENED TO U GUYS AND ME T_T

Some RandomPerson

I’m not really an introvert and more of an extrovert, but I understand you. Sure some people feel comfortable at home, and many do so too. Thank you for making the time to make this video!

I do Everything

At 3:25 to 3:29 the camera man said oh shit

Саша Осрл

Кто русский лайк

Acnologia TheGod



Look at me, I critize everybody except for myself because I'm perfect. I did nothing wrong to the guy either.

Jacob Krause

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Evan Epstein

Chad's my boy.

Kelsie Misze


Erik Cadwallader

1:00 troll face lol

Jordi Pulido

Awesome vid Asher!!!!can u maybe check my dm I would mean a lot to me pls💗💗💗💗

Your title says otherwise

James Jones



Hot Lincs

2:47: What???

Ariana’s Pee



Yes yes yes yeeeeeeeeeeesssssss ive waited lime a week for this !!!!!!!

Jess ADarkSoul

I have this problem...


aw this one was short :C

tyler lutzen

Really game freak I just want pokebank. All this work for this kinda stuff that will just blow over in a few months after release

Alex Anderson



Yt ji And Ruby

This guy haves no less

Matt Bishop

the eagles need travis

- epicman200 & somed00dwithnopersonality

Marceliosis the Porcupine

3:58 who else saw Ty in the background when Cody was celebrating


Goooooooooooooooooooooo blackhawks

kayla pigott


Kawaii Destroyer

That's one sad ending , you just wait around 2 minutes to die .



Dilshat Ametjanov

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She is be absent aye

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ricardos was fake lol

Oh god I’m a terrible person


She Needs a John Travolta Style Comeback with a great Bad-Ass Director,to be her Tarantino

SDITH Koichi

The Kojima thing at the end is the thing of what psycho mantis says in the Japanese version if u have a save file of two of Kojimas games

Darksiosa 1200

a thought this was a trick shot this is a interview

mini killer24

0:27 look at him 😀2019? Anyone?


jak and dexter is from imsomniac games not?

GQ Taco Paco

music easter video eggs

Daniel C


The Lonely Minecrafter Lizard Channel

Maybe mr hippo is an animatronic who has a soul inside him because he tells human like stories and he forgets which would make sense if you have been trapped in an animatronic for a long time

Ninj a

Do another

Joseph Lopez

What’s a lunatic lush

Dayana Lizama

Lmao the doctor looked so annoyed 😂

Nagaraj Manivel

Ultimate Angel you have posted a message one week ago .that made me laugh for a long time. I request everyone to not do like that.And I would like to thank the person who sent this.Please like this comment

Kitsune Foxx

Those tiny-talks at the end of the videos are getting better and better :D


You should definitely film with Tom Brady plz do it


Existence master

You're very dumb