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There have been MANY Avengers teams over the years and pretty much EVERY Marvel character has been one.So let's look at every single Avengers team out there. • Subscribe for more: • Support us on Patreon: • Tweet at me: Avengers teams include Avengers West Coast, the Young Avengers, The New Avengers, A-Force, the Secret Avengers, the Avengers Unity Division, Avengers Idea Mechanics, the Mighty Avengers, A-Force, the Avengers A.I. Squad, the Pet Avengers, the Dark Avengers, the Great Lakes Avengers, Avengers Academy, and Avengers 1959.Tags: #Avengers #Marvel #IronMan

Jelmer Flipsen

I've never played cyberpunk, prob not gonna play this one, but fuckibg Keanu Reeves?

Mark Richards

nice vid

Erin Trudel

This would be true if text was real instead of using the phone.

Koen Cayabyab

Don’t you hate it when people say 2018 anyone?2018 anyone?


You’re three, how do you even know what moving means

demar francis


Kewl pony

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@l34lo1 Its supposed to be funny.


or a drowner, cant tell.

Derek Bum

Assassin's Bird: Feed

But not Master Chief

Lace Ticket

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Deep Mandeep

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Yes! Now time to play the game! BTW so cool that Guru used the Borderlands letters instead of the classic white ones great video Guru :D

Viknesh Vicky

Any Tamil Players Here??


So this was the first video of these douches

Skype Official fortnite clan

Copy cat

Gacha Girl

Has anyone else noticed that one of the twins looks like Stan lee

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Macaroni hat

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Autobotimus Prime

I have a very important question:Who... in the hell... asked for this??

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This video sucks...

Yessennia Ortez-Reeves

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FaMe Wolf

Why that sink dirty af



What did you think of Ex Machina, I thought it was fantastic

Philipp Puk

There's also the Phones with a The Division wallpaper in the some stores