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00:00:01 Meaning of Sets00:03:38 NCERT Exercise 1.1 Question 100:09:58 Roster form, listing method, property method, set builder form00:20:51 Belongs toNCERT Exercise 1.100:23:21 Question 200:25:01 Question 300:33:31 Some special sets00:38:11 Question 400:48:41 Question 500:53:21 Question 600:59:21 Null Sets / Empty Sets / Void SetsNCERT Exercise 1.201:01:51 Question 101:04:01 Question 2 (Finite Sets and Infinite Sets)01:05:51 Question 301:08:21 Equal Sets01:09:41 Question 401:11:01 Question 501:13:11 Question 6-----------------------------------------Follow Facebook Page for Latest Updates:Channel:Now:#SetsClass11

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The Meaning Of Physics

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