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My good friend Natsuki and I explore the new apartment, before heading out to the local Games Arcade.★★JOIN the fuzzy wuzzy fun club (Patreon) ★ ★★---------------------------------------------------------------------------Daily photos, stories and awesome stuff!►

who loves the ultimis crew more than the primis crew

Jasmin Marquez

Cody in 0:54 he says someone likes the second row but in bottom left you can see another row


Melissa Davignon

Coby looks more like his dad

CalebCity:im gonna end this mans whole career.


Ah, this explains a loooot about the previous trailer.

Alex V

This is bullshit!


6:02 DJ Khaled easter egg!!

Jordan Nelson Jr

Odell snagged on curr use curry

One Hit Destroyer

You guys have a DOG??!!

Jamie Duncan

O shit

Random Guy

Yes I'm lonely

Midnight Wolfchan

When they put the needle in your spine did it hurt?

zaha pvp Aw



Why coby ain't there

M 1123

At least she's saving some of that cash for her momma

DashLight Rocket YT

4:10, Pause on 4:10,That’s LIGHTNING!! ____________


Amazing man. im loving you videos. btw cs is my fav game so thx :D

Ooo that’s Lily

I’m eating takis while watching this

Peter’s palace

Nobody text me

Jacob Rogers

4:00 omg I thought the sign said the rapist and I was like why would they put that in there 😂

Ava Maria C.

WTF POOR DOGS and ofc poor friend

Landri Nakano

My name is Landri!!!


Man you can get easly 2000 likes. I tell you.


who's in the panda? u


one of the reasons i like these easter egg videos over others on youtube is because there's no annoying chatter in the background. Thank you for not being in love with your own voice as the rest of youtube seems to be. Just thought i'd throw that out there

Mind searching for Ratched and Clank easter eggs? :3

Apple Gang

So the mum had a dominant allele and and superpower allele and the dad also had it which caused the baby to have cystic fibrosis


Isn't stanley parrable the most stupid game ever made or what

Parcival Degroote

What about the easter egg with a tank from Battlefield 1942 behind a wal that you need to blow up in Epicenter? :)

Alex_ kos



Protein guy