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Tyson Trammell

Mr no touchie - me


당신나는 싫어

There’s so much immigration problems because most citizens don’t want other people to have the same rights as them because they’re becoming successful, smh.


How many fish did you catch with Larrys bait

The Real Dylan

likes h3h3 I knew there was deeper connection to this channel.


for a future video please give julien a new face there’s too much bullshit in the world rn


Kendra Campbell

I low key feel attacked. Leave me and my dumb long legs alone 😫

kayden malave

23 or 24

Akatsuki Zukio

I like tyler

Sergio Olmos

When are you going to do another 7 hour videos?


reads title


The first one is a pretty good black ops zombies reference

Neni Teh Potatoe

4:41 i thought he was a red head, that means a red/orange hair color not black xD

# Zephyr Woomy #

Nah, I’m gonna adopt...

Duckz 2Trash

Adidas made in Germany while talking first person but still calls it soccer.

We can’t get into the top 4



sped up music somehow sounds good

Power Hub

That story was really touching and my problems don't even go near what this guy experienced. I also get bullied in school for being fat but that's because I eat to much rather I have thyroid so this was sort of personal

James Spencer

I didn't hear the note reference, you never showed the original of that, it just seemed like you made that one up because the staplers are the same color...


The numbers there a curse

The Bread Scientist

Why does the bald guy look like Michael Bradley?

Gabriel Pina


Soundarya Poovalingam

Am controlling my tears heavily..😓


David Tennant is that purple guy?!


Damn took it way back with that Star Fox one.  If I had stumbled on that one as a kid I'd have lost my mind and not known what was going on.  Battlefield 4 one is by far the creepiest.  Love the video!


gloves off bitch im feeling impolite (get lost)

Ryan Mei




Wyatt Whytrock

Who else is watching this in 2017?

Gacha Kyutie

Moto moto mixed with Zach effron

Steven Slovitz

did anyone notice that it might be a tornado out there

Ipung Zaraki

I think they are from uciha clan

But then I took them off Cuz I was scared my ears will get damaged


Winner by Knock out - Wendy!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙌

Tim Richardson

EY don't say shit I am eleven and I every one of them...

Tamara Fitzgerald


That’s Impossible

I wanna work at dude perfect even though I am a eight year old