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Kitsune Foxx

oh dear, you have such a pretty voice, its kinda shame you dont explain more easter eggs like that

ashyxla YT


cats are cute

Did he dye his hair blond ?😂

Megan Maria

how you gonna do this and not mention the Texas Roadhouse R O L L S the whole reason i go there is to inhale 10+ rolls.

Bloody Marina

Award of the year

a nether portal witch glows like the end portal

Yael Barnz

Clickbait = CommentReal = Like

Danya Wang

WHY 3:00 AM???!!?!?!!!!!?!?!!?!!????!?!!?

Stacie Klossner

You should do football with Antonio Brown


making of 5 years


This must be so hard ☹️

Shwifty Lava

...wait a minute what if we are the ones who are poor and the government just says we are privileged to live in this country and North Korea is really the rich and privileged one? 👀🤯

Madison Atkins

I cride so hard 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 if my sister died I wold be the one balling

Mill meister

I don’t think there is anything more Canadian than this 😂😂😂

Isabella Rafalko

i’m 14 and i’m planning on having 3 kids sometime in my 20s. watching this video helped me know of what can happen. thank you so much. 💗

Elakai Anela

June 2018 anybody?

Marsha Braudrick

I should of worked cashier shift today

Arjun Patel



I'm psychopaths.... I slap my boyfriend in front of him sister...

Sarah G

Okay everyone saying "Just adopt" doesn't understand that this person wanted their own child. They didn't want to adopt and deal with the burdens that come with it like their government breathing down their back or the expensive cost of adopting (up to 800k in some countries and states). Just let them be and enjoy the damn story.


Put magnesium underwater

Yas Ez

5:03 it’s so funny how she tried to touch her hair she backs up 😂

Adriana Tovar

Rip diamond she’s in a better place 😔

Twenty-Eight Days later

Yet kids complain here in the U.S. how much they don't get and the lack of freedom they have, LOOK AT THE PEOPLE IN NORTH KOREA, YOU KIDS SHOUD BE THANKFUL.


Ohhh cuteeeee rap😂 its literally goooddddddd💞💞💞💞


about the BF 4 ice cycle, for me look-like spy cycle on tf 2, cause u can back stap people with Spy-cycle

Amla Kujur

You know even if we educate girls some things will never changeLikeMy mom doesn't let me go out oftenI can't play pubg with voice chat onShe is psyched about pretty much everything I can't go out at nightAnd she doesn't let me sing or do anything else but study


As a girl I can tell you your voice is very charming and calming. Do whatever makes you comfortable tho, don't feel obligated to talk if you don't want to

*gets struck by lightning

kevin garcia

She said siser its sister Woman!

jemma parsons

This explained things so well. The cartoons were a great visual aid, and there were quite a few phrases that have stuck with me. Hope your recovery continues in an upward trajectory.

Tamir Cohen

Congratulations! Does he have Hila's eyes or Ethan's?

Σλούκι Λούκ

Do IF you can, Metal gear solid V easter eggs.


What happened to the frost on the windshield?

Madeline Stevens

Woah woah, 0:50 Pepsi is way better than coke. Gag

Hailey TigerNoodle

Poor panda 🐼


six YEARS ago. I watched this when it first game out damn

Abdullah Mutaz

thhe next one should be Dude perfect steoreotypes


love it

Jamey Mullins

Which one was being the harry potter guy cory or coby




You guys are so perfect

Caleb Wright

2 "o"'s not 2 "l"'s

Cheddar Offical

the pervert part happen also, they thought i was a girl (but im not) and in the comments a person saided "you look sexy! Post yourself naked" then i sent him a picture of me without a shirt but with pants, and the people who commented said "wtf man, im not gay"

Melody Winnie

Have you watched any shows like Kim possible, or movies like the females avengers ever in your live

Ali Raza

is the trophy is gold


Your games are addicting lol @DudePerfect