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P s she's not doing good

Jeremy Ruch

Man Brees can get the ball out of his hand so fast

Nayla A

i always found the scene from Iron Man where Tony Stark is building the arc reactor and explaining his plan very soothing...

K-pop Lover

This is cool but ut reminds me of a Korean drama named "she was pretty"


Consensual polyamory, even if it’s temporary, is so important! And it should be noted that monogamy, while the majority, is not the default.

This video is coo

ben cupoli

Coby noooo


Probably takes these bitches thousands of attempts.

Mr. Username

There’s an interesting Easter egg I found in Far Cry 5 a few months back. I don’t know if other people have discovered it, but most likely since it’s not hard to find. It’s around when you had to help that one dude with the fat son with a bazooka run for office. If you run around the property, you’ll find a house with three people behind it. A guy is dancing with a girl while another guy plays “Where Did You Sleep Last Night” by Leadbelly, made famous by Nirvana. I don’t know the exact location but it was pretty cool, especially since I’m a big Nirvana fan

Joe Nashold

can you add a video on how to throw the pitches

human being

Played this in my car and my mom just watched me aggressively head bop


i stayed up all night for school.

Yandere Seegurke

And then there is me


That’s ironic dude perfect are cowboys fans and the saints lost to the cowboys lol


It’s scary how a child in school will get bullied by a mob because she has a different opinion. Yes, I know this is an animation, but if this were real life there would still be an angry mob bullying her. And they would justify it as “oh my existence is being erased!!!”

Pan Pan

fucken love watching these


baby's verse was ass like if u agree

Flying nugget Plays

3:45 the twin towers if the plane missed



Anil Perera

2018, "Barbies"2019, "Fidget Spinners"

Megen Hollon (2020)


Alex Zalesny

At 12:58 I think that is another Battlefield Friends Easter egg.

Sarah Sameh

Is this real

jack mayano

Do woah challenge for 24 hours

Big Boi

How to stop being Anorexic.

金3 A.M.

Why the fuck would you ban heli pads


Its a new game or a game mode?

That's okay 'cause, baby, you...

Yovani Finley



this will be my wedding song

Sr Pelo

I have anxiety itching

Grace McBride

she isnt gone. she is with you because she loves you and you love her

Josh Anderson

0:45 mom's spaghetti

Cookie Cream

Fake story idiot

kikyota channel

I got 1000 score

Vegetarian Soylent-Green

I thought I was the only one who noticed these moments? My mother too.

Denise Asmussen

You are always sick

Phantom boy

poor panda shot in the knee

Gacha Maxie

Can we make this a poem?? “I was definitely safer on the streets” 😂🤣

Mace the Omnilution

8:55 That's called 'Elephant' tipping

Savannah Putman

I guess you could say Elsa found a sea horseSorry I’ll leave

9 but you can’t stop Thinks of a certain anime character


This was like the first trailer but 23% more intresting

jacob knighten

i doent know where that is but i would sell my soul to be there

SurajGamer YT

can u sub me i sub u 5 times plz dude perferts

Luke Naro

have you guys noticed how it never looks like it's going to go in...until it does.

spiral spirals

anyone else start crying when watching this

Enrique Mohedano


Jack Pletcherr

Nick Jr /// # FACE

A song about popsicles :✅

Art Nerd

2:15 bandaids and scars magically disappear

Aaya Mustafa

I love you Juanpa, keep pursuing your dreams😍

Yo_Mariah Xx

Omg ilysm guys this is a funny vid I love y’all sooo muchhh❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️