Footballers FAKED these Tricks, But I did them for REAL!! (Part 2) - YouTube

So IT'S BACK!! Part two of attempting the best football / soccer tricks you see in commercial!INSTAGRAM: Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Paul Pogba, Neymar, Marco Reus amazing skills and trick shots done for real!Kieran Brown.

Steven Devlin

you guys should have more veiws

Luis Vidalon

I thought this was a Lofi playlist :'v

Ahh memories.

Rudy Can Do It

you should go to NZ next

World List

I was hoping the ball would go into the torch...

Oualid Laghzioui

Canadians clearly fail to distinguish between Hockey and Basketball .. in here we don't cheer when a player is injured !

Dustin Spencer

Team mom be the strongest force out their ♥️

Kid: I just read Harry Potter! It’s amazing!

Jesse Bergeron

Literally all of these popsicles could kill me.... Allergies are the worst.

Faith Snowden

Omg video ended and a ad came on about it ahhh

I was at school and my teacher farted in front of me and it stunck so bad😩

Limitless Phantom


Bryan Lex

Your videos are so sick!!!!!!!!!!


Faze Plays

I think ty wins to much

Gamer Dudes

That cannot be a Spas 12 or AA 12

Pary Teh

chandler win

Erica Janell

I’ve always been afraid of dying but the gave me serenity! I am still a little worried about what will happen when I die but I know that I won’t let fear get in my way of living my best life!

Nissa Belmonte

A giraffe was invented when I uppercut a horse

Kenter S. Joseph

Let it go..wait..let it flow..


John Locatelli

Make a shish taouk


R.I.P Tim. One like = 1 pray

rafinator 27

the ammount of flour you threw at Coby could have killed him if he inhaled


you make no sense you started minisodes to upload more and the last video was 3 weeks ago, you uploaded more before minisodes

Tanner Miller

You should do a football one with tom Brady

Dave Rucci

Ummmm guys don’t get too excited.It looks like rain!Just sayin.🤷‍♂️

Charlie Carpenter

hello DP i'm a big fan and i liked and subscribed! And turned notifications on!

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David Maksin

The thing is 99% of people that choose this life end up broke

King Ry77

My favorite is cornhole

Rafik Khalil


Naorem Sumanjit

Can someone tell me what the name of the soundtrack is towards the end?

Noremae Espineli

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jinat jahan

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im a tree

Your autistic because of the vaccines WakE uP AmERica!

Hania Zawadzka

Rita Ora, please!

So now you can just be thankful that you'rE NOT ME BECAUSE IM STILL DYING FROM EMBARRASSMENT

Kenneth Rosales

Miter miss ya

Misfiting_everyone yt

I have the same concept but different story

Logan Field

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Nicholas McMillian


Sorell Mcintire

COME TO NEWBURYPORT BOSTON, please 🐶🐶🐶 with ping pongs on top, of Cory’s head... lol but please try it nice.

പച്ചമര തണലിൽ

Dear Disney, please don't make a live action for Frozen

Shaylee Bicknese

That wheelchair dude is a good guy.

Pradyumna Nani

where can we bus those boomerang's


staff morale increased