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WWW.FORMACIONTANTRA.COM& WWW.TANTRA.TRAINING.COMTantra trainning and teacher training (TTT). Personal y maestría.Es un proceso altamente estructuradode varios años, diseñado para deshacer el condicionamiento humano y llevarnos del autoconocimiento y transformación interior al campo de la meditación.It is a highly structured process of several years, designed to undo human conditioning and bring us from self-knowledge and inner transformation to the field of meditation.Xavi Domènech

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#1 Its fun because in Mexico pixar themed piñatas are made and sold.

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I am a boy living as a boy... My mom dosen't support me

Rajendra Patel

All are favorite shot

David Valentin

Tyler all the way


Then it’s not ur step mom

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Children should only receive punishment if what they did was too harsh. If the child hit someone or said something nasty then they should be punished but the punishment should be fair (like banning electronics until the child's behavior improves). Parents should also tell children to follow rules in public places. If children aren't told to follow rules or they get away with hitting someone or saying something mean, it'll all cross into their adulthood and they will hit others, say mean things and break rules (The only time when a child should hit someone is if they are in danger). Children need their parents to guide them (like the video says) and if the child is treated like the way in the video, they will be uncomfortable in society (like how the video says). Adoption is an option.


Too dramatic

Landon ismyname

What do you call a cow with no legs ground beef


If they do, they do, I can't do anything. But I don't think they will, a lot of people have uploaded already and nothing has happened to them. I didn't get the game illegally like most people who have it now and I'm not posting glitches, So I don't see why they should.

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5:36 brave wilderness

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Tony Ferguson vs Khabib Nurmagamedov

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1:44 poor people in the back were trying to take a picture too 😂

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Internet - Where every dolt is an expert

frozen is nothing without its musick

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Coby wins in a video you guys make later.But he will win.

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anyone watching 2019 and knows all the words to the song and what the guys r going to say

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What would happen if ty was selected on wheel unfortunate...Who will be Ned???


I just realised, that I usually punish myself, when I do something I shouldn't. I'll try rewarding myself, when I do things I should be doing. Thank you!

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Now that I think about it, Trevor kinda LOOKS like that dude from the Shining.