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"All the other kids with the pumped up kicks" is a song about a school shooting, which you know because you came here. Welcome to the FBI watchlist! ;PWant to support the channel? You can do so via PatreonPATREON: Foster The People - Pumped up kicksFootage: The OA.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Want to see more video's from Wayne Productions? Click the Subscribe button to stay up to date with our latest productions!Any stories you want us to make? Send them to !!|| Enjoy the film! ||-~-~~-~~~-~~-~-U5xTvg-~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

Renu Lal

my favourite shout was flying targat

Nate K

Man ty was on a roll

Hello HELLO!!

This is not reality??

ekaterine sharashenidze

I knew from the star that it was gonna be north korea

Kyla Hearts

Elsa need Frozone to help her get across that ocean😂

_ легендарный _

O mi God 😮🤐😯😲🤯🤪😵🤣😂😁

white wolf

poor pandaty you like me i like the make my own trophie

I am not a player only like same things in the games!


Kevin Sherwood - Carrion


how frustrating is it having to find easter eggs w/ other people/friends

MakeUp Artist Simran Khanna


Aicha Ziada

This called me ugly in 38 different languages

jesse sepulveda


Giselle Vargas

The Twins, c; !

Lin Lazaro

Please make a story of Filipino Boxer Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao..

Thelma Carranza

so funny

5th day: Period backkk

Elizabeth Zirkiev


I use youtube to browse for dank memes

damn guru that stranger thing part aint a mild spoiler its a major spoiler

A Non



Yours sold video


I only just found you guys. I'm so happy I did :D Also, that music was awesome! :D

Dex Kleeman

@dongsun24ifyits not fake


All the cons that my parents does to me, makes me not want to do it to my child :D


(i haven't watch the video yet) but when i was younger my mom was really sick in the hospital and well same really close to dieing and i was too young to understand my poor brother much of been terrified

John Marsh

i love your videos you are the best

Caroline Linn

God this is Thai I realized at the end

Song : awesome

Austin Garruba

Good job, Corden...I'll totally come watch you perform on Broadway...I see a future for you on Broadway!

Amirah M.

they should do stephen curry

do you mind? im takin a piss

The air Jordan dunk.hands down

Tori Tord

But she gets a lot of chances