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GCSE Maths paper 3 Predicted topics June 2019

Marty Martin

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Superjail! 2007 - 2014

Geefunk Alejandro

Gotta love Gullermo, man... definitely love how the players react to him and the way they treat him


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Paul Steinmayer

The enormous B-36 Bomber (in service with the USAF from 1948 until the late 1950s and replaced by the B-52) was mostly constructed from Magnesium, including the entire skin. It was known as the "Magnesium Overcast" because of it's incredible size... and because of it's mostly magnesium construction, crashes usually resulted in the entire aircraft being consumed by fire! By the way, I love Magnesium too!

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Cody's hair

Trickshot Compilations

Nice video! also very nice trickshots!


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How does a penguin build a house? Igloos it together.


These kids are so easily angered, like omg.

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Sweden, of course you move over into the next seat, in fact you probably would stand instead of taking the middle seat. Korea, you take the middle seat even if there is a free seat on the aisle if the person is of the opposite sex and no you don't move when the aisle seat becomes free.

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Also in contact there is a door that says dead inside this is from

Gracie Jordan

“Now that’s wierd”

Ace Hodza


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If you tell this to your parents, will they believe you?