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Will you do a face reveal anytime soon?

Literally no one:


What is your favourite video that you uploaded to your channel?

Bryan Kelly


Mr tamilan -gaming

Finally seen


She needs too be educated without a good education life is useless

Kage Kirishima

I spy some animation improvement! Nice work! Also, great video!

daniel torres

panda is so cute

Bruce Leroy

The true queen of the Amazons.


When was Napoleon Bonarpette born? On his birthday!!!

the noob gamer

This is so sad :(

Tyrah Once

#8 trending in Malaysia 🤟#FIGHTING💜🍭

Shaheer Satti

Make soccer videos

Green Tara

But did they watch death note

Cue in AOT ost

Eric Elsinger

Let’s only interview minorities

Chris 84

The „Train every day the same guy“

Le Darkside Le

Bet those giants are their parents 💯

محمد القحطاني

احلى لايك لعيونك ....

Alexis Vlogs

i bought a new ear phones and in just three days the left ear phone dosent have a sound i throw my cp then this is the new one

Max Lem

Cody his really tall

Tanish Jhade

myfavorite shot was the pond skippin bell ringer

No Views Films

check out my two brothers series on my channel

Bts army Vkook

I think the most dangerous type of Diabetes is type two


Gavin Christopherson

I have been there

Patricia Mendonca


Faiza Mo

Ohhhhh😯 Anne is anxiety

Dew Bows

Lol I cried

Abdullah Elhansi



High noon?

B. Berya

I don't ignore my Mom no matter what 😨


When is the next episode?

Erbacher TV

My gf is 17 and she has vertigo

Kiki Thorn

Why not just pour some bleach into his water? Like if he wants to attack you just end him ^

Two weeks left of school

Yuri Trash

GIRL YOU WERE WITH A FEEBLEPHILE! (An older person who is attracted to teenagers)

Yang Liu

Gret is my fav guy at the flips

Eric Vahle

I saw a logan paul t shirt

Gacha Foxwolf

Her:I got bullied for being to skinny


Slightly nervous pizza delivery theme starts playing

Patrick Looney

Drake aint shit. Keep this POS off the court. Hype beast faggot

Pierce's Videos

I think dude perfect should do stereotypes football 🏈 or maybe stereotypes surfing 🏄 or probably stereotypes swimming 🏊 well maybe I'll let you and the dude perfect gang think about okay alright this is me Pierce Albert saying piece out dude perfect. PS. I really like all of the stereotypes videos they make me laugh 😅 and maybe youguys should check out my youtube channel it is called my videos or pierce's videos but you can call what ever you want alright bye dude perfect and I will see you next time and I might keep adding some likes to your dude perfect videos because I like all of your dude perfect videos and I even have the dude perfect target toy that came with the the dude perfect football so I just want to say thank you so much dude perfect 😀😎😉💚


Mans claims himself as a boxer

Ashton Hunt



I know you guys ask for trick shot ideas. Unless I have missed it, what about synchronized/simultaneous trick shots? Just throwing that out there. Keep up the great videos and having fun!


Great, once again

Bolbi's Meme Vain

Hey Guru i think i found you're little easter eggs in the vid hehe :D

For him

one min away from crying