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Video For This WeekHerobrine(Teacher) kidnapped by the Aline in the Metal Slug game.This game (Metal Slug) bring so much memory at my childhood.Follow me on Instagram- my DAB APP STICKER- School : METAL SLUGMonster School : METAL SLUG XMonster School : SHOOTING GAMEMusic:✔️Slug Soundtrack✔️SUBODH SU2 - Joker Squad [No Copyright]-is no copyright infringement intended for the song or picture. If you have an issue with me posting this song or picture please contact me through email :) - platabushbusiness@gmail.comIf you want to watch more monster school animation click here,My Monster School Playlist- to you by PlataBushSorry guys for late update.

Bryson Beavers

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I Really Like This Girl And Her Voice. 😊

scott vincent

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Jitendra Mohan

Tyler will win as always not in some battles.

Sadie Baby

1:41 that’s a really weird dunk..


Why do people like Rick and morty,People complain about Modren animation being too crude and then this show comes out that Infant even get a laugh out of,even though I don't have a very high sense of humor. Yeah, a scientist saying morty and burping ever five words is a step up from "crude" animation

April Harrington

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MT Squad

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Lavonne Palusky

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Dragon fire

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Danielle Ybarra

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Jacob McEntire

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frisky animatez OwO

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Victor Bugueño

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Sheer Ice an' Cold

The Punisher!

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Abby Herdez

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Og Hope

I love promise never land I hope they find a way to climb the wall

Mia Puls

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Potatos are Gr8

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Hade Karzan

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Adictostickma n

5:30 nooo they kill altair

Richard Canaan

Is it bad that I actually use Cody's butter straw method

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jesse johnson


Martha Schlitt


Cory Martin

Since link never holds sharp objects does he have someone cut his food at restaurants?😂😂

Mannequin btw lol

Penelope Garcia

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Musette Steger

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Keneilwe Moabinyana

Joseph Allen...😢😢my reaction now.tears of happiness my brother I wish we could learn from ambitious guys like you as youth in this earth.#worriedaboutdfuture

Jenn M

Why is your hair green?

Jeff Manning

We love Coby

Patrick Finks