Opposition senator and former principal Guibion Ferdinand has criticized the minister for education's response to the death of the 17-year-old Entrepot Secondary School student at the hands of the police. The 17-year-old was shot while in the presence of his teacher and the teacher's brother.

Jason Harris

The speakers play a Rolling Stones song when aimed at.


According to my calculations, I got this wrapped up


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Jaxson Wood

Ive been there

Will Jones

Black people know why Chris isn't stopping at a gas station at night

Lynxy gold crocodile

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1:49 no offense but I fell from my own height and broke my collar bone and scalpula or whatever (another shoulder bone) explain that one.


can someone explain me the last one please?

Robert Rivera

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the outro scared me so much that i fell from my chair

Master of Naan

guru coming back at it again with the tasteful anal

Sam Loftis

i thought he said 9 mill change that to 14 mill

Dani Fernández

They don't say "Dude Perfect" at the beginning :(

Lucy Gonzalez

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1:34 what did he say?

Rosa Rodriguez Gonzalez

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Yunus Mohammed

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Kate Sears

You guys are so little compared to the other videos like in 2017 and 2018

And finnaly, the tunnel in cs_assault is the same tunnel which was seen in a mission of L4D.

Espoir Kriss

next Eminem

"Enemies" has 7 letters so does "Friends"

Evelyn G-W

5:37 Me- TURTLE POWER!!!!!!!!!


Last time someone called me fat I grabbed his hair and screamed WHAT DID YOU SAY and he said your fat my police dad walked into class the same day and I whispered in his ear hi dad and the kid who called me fat thought I told my dad he apologized and my dad said come and he took me home early in in the front seat of his cop car

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Did anyone else get annoyed when Tyler are the pizza crust first

A Lost Soul

Ultra instinct on a whole other level

ismail PLayz

Ya guys live in Texas

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You were making Easter Eggs while showing us Easter Eggs...brilliant

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Very much helpful thank you for the information very well put together and understanding as well.

Jj Josh Bob



Would have been a good video if not for that obnoxious fucking music blasting between every segment. Why the hell was that necessary

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This happened before to me I was hot on that day my skin was I don't know everything was dark so I passed out

VenomS ML


Maryam Qureshi

Cheating for tests


Research does not mater if you are making a show and earning money from an inocent animal, this would make sence if they did not make the video

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Teens react to Rosalía plz


Minecraft Is an Arcade Game, Not and Indie game and Also Nice Vid

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cManziel shattered all records in NCAA history against all the best defenses in college football. JFB has already made the Brown's millions of dollars in ticket sales & put Cleveland on the map....Watch JFB wreck defenses in the NFL.....

Who love her voice?

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I'm BrandonseumSun