CATFISHING my Boyfriend to see if he cheats (you won't believe this) - YouTube

SUBSCRIBE AND COMMENT “🐱🐠” IF YOU SEE THIS!I DID IT! I made a FAKE account & CATFISHED my boyfriend! I still can't believe that I was able to pull this off. I was stressed/nervous the entire time (if you couldn't tell).If you want to see future videos like this LIKE this video! Thank you all so much for watching! If you want to get shouted out in a future video CLICK THAT BELL & comment that you have your notifications on! We'll see you all on TUESDAY!XO,Maddie and Elijah---------------------↓ FOLLOW US ↓Maddie’s Beauty Channel: Twitter: Twitter: Instagram: Instagram: Snapchat - live_wildElijah's Snapchat - thewireboyy---------------------Business inquires:

Tanner Pierce

Coby has a .1

Shadic Perez

R.I.P old guy 😭

Erika Tinajero

Not 1 min vids

della amanda putri

Dude perfect kok bisa ngomong bahasa indo lihat judulnya

Boston Baller

Can’t wait for them to do a Yankees edition with Russell Wilson

synn kritikal

Very uplifting

littleman1 lopapa

Congrats! I think you are having a girl! Either way baby on the way! Happy & Healthy!💜🤗

Subram Saikia Dhankan Saikia


I love you jungkook 😍

Noah Mallory

the best video

"Best Easter Eggs Series - Best Easter Eggs Series // Ep. 90"

deepak damodaran


Jack Dachuk

Do hockey statio tipes

Dad: “Prove it”

Ringtonez Drashopen

Dude perfect. You guys are perfect. I feel connected with you! You guys are perfect!

Dreamers Land

I am only 12 and a few mounts ago my dad passed away. He had cancer and it was the worst brain tumor you could get he had a stroke and the next day just like that he was gone he did better than what the doctors expected and what’s worse he knew he was gonna die he was a doctor to 😣😖😭😭😭

Mirabu Carr

If you shoot their faces it explodes with fireworks. Scared the hell out of me

Marta Rodriguez

I was shocked when she told that she had written harry poter cause i love harry potter like if you too

The Local Film Network

The UFO was Awesome!

Im on Diet

How can you speak even tho you said you could not speak

Rachel Lee

3:26 woah it's a bikini that's a one piece 🤯😱

Cole 4.0

after a minute of dialogue between church and an obvious elite voice

Adrian F

Dont ever say kawai better than lebron

bangtan_bunny kookie

Awww thats sad ur mum

bottle flippers

Sorry for what happened

Bella Morris

Works at McDonald’s wtf

Olivia_ King00

sticks hand in fireoW iTs So HoT

Megan Roderick


King Unreasonable

3:13 ohmori looks like he has a gun to his head

Joshua Ridgeway

You should do LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Ty Lawson, and Kenith Faried

Frank Divall

Thanks I have always wondered how it feels

Babarian : wait a minute who are you?


That's what I'm going to be for Halloween

Also me: You wanna fight ME!? Hah! You can already see I'm that powerful, so I'm gonna let you go, but if I see you attempt to hurt me or my clan ever again, I will be forced to use 5% of my power, and break your neck into shards.

Yolkk Marie

hmmm i relate more to the avoidant type but got treated like the anxious type during childhood :/ ?

Only keep the guys around me

Isaac Kim

Who’s watching in May 2019?

trill gates

found another woman and asked wife for a divorce, got tired of other woman and went back to wife...not only is this hard on the wife, imagine how their child feels..divorces are usually hard on children


You should do a fishing challenge!

deep shah

Hold up what was that bloody face and scratch from from sandbox


Do a face reveal


Yeah starbucks is awesome whenever i go there and i say my name they write my name wrong how nice