Benefits of Educational Blogging

Grade Two teachers, Kathleen Morris and Kelly Jordan made this video with their students in 2KM and 2KJ to showcase the educational benefits of blogging.

Kristoffer MC

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Giovanni Villafana

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Archie Bop

MASTER CHIEF in 8k, 120 Frames.. I dig it

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raymond solorio

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Yoa Gacha

James... i know speak inglish , for you, Your vídeos help me in inglish, (any way this is so Bad :v), im froom México uwu

Duncan N

steam workshop i'm assuming


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anuraag thakkar

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“...Symptoms of depression”

Dell Honne

LOL the Stanley parable Easter egg!! xD SECRETS ALL THE WAY

Adventure Crew

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Clorox Bleach

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kaileb mckenzie

i like you because you still talk to your fans and a lot of youtubers dont do that and thanks for the video

Kinda made it worse

Helen-Lynn Malcolm

Yeah you sound real smart

Minas Petrelis

You guys are awesome

Christa Chavez

What about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, James!? Santino is right there!


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Megan Molloy

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OMG why you show me a game that's going to be released in 2020!

Rodrigo Vieira

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Ihsan ElHafi



아니 부메랑이 영어로 부메랑이라고? 구라ㄴ


Is that your majestic voice in the end Guru :D?

what kind of editing software do you use?

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Aw Shit, Here we go again


At first I didn't get number 2 till it went far into his mouth and I couldn't stop laughing


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