Prakruthi N. Banwasi's (S1Epi16) English Improvement through Kannada (Mother Tongue) - YouTube

20 Words that have messed up your ability to use English well have been clarified quickly in this episode -- the words that you are troubled by are: IS, AM, ARE, WAS, WERE, WILL, SHALL, HAVE, HAS, HAD, DO, DOES, DID, MAY, MUST, MIGHT, WOULD, COULD, SHOULD, CANIf only you had spoken English in School or College in a casual manner with your friends, you would have learnt English well by now. You use a lot of English words while using in your mother tongue. Prakruthi N. Banwasi provides easy effective tips to improve one's existing command over English, linguistic ability, Contemporary Corporate Communication norms and Professional Behavior... These tips work wonders for people who aim to better their communication and thus optimize their effectiveness while minimizing their efforts. Better your existing ability to use English by watching this series.

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