Children's book read aloud | I Really Like Slop! by Mo Willems

Today Piggie is excited to see Gerald try tasting her smelly slop😆 Piggie says it's part of pig culture. Let's see if he likes it😉If you enjoyed the book and want to buy it, you can get it down hereNoWay2 by PeriTune Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 promoted by Audio Library


She make-a funny noise Fuck yeah, i'm going with Amara

Exoticviking Hockey

Why is everyone hating on ty

There are these girls at school who always intimidate people, including me.

Arnav Batra

Could u spend a day with pornstars

Volt Racer 999

10years ago..

M1CH34L_ 88

Pls for only 25€ help this girl from fat abuse


worst celebrations of all time

Honestly Madds

5:00 "come on baby there is something going on here" did y'all hear her say that or am i going crazy

Ryan Corley

The evil guy has teeth that look like vampire teeth and on its ear ring there’s a gerudo sign, so it may be the comeback of gerudo vai? Maybe


I was born with a machine 80 years out of date, and half falling apart (I was born with JIA) and at the age of 35, I found out it's also a Lemon... (diagnosed with a SECOND autoimmune disease >TTP) I treat my body like a Geriatric, toddler who's running with scissors.

Popo Senpoyy

goblin wkwkw 2 years ago wow

Jesycat studios

I had a panic attack at school too and got in trouble just because I did something I couldn’t control off😭no teachers knew expect from my ta but my teach did not know I could haves panic attack at anytime

Anthony Araiza

Hah chicken in a plane!! :D

And oh boy we did.

Bryan DeLaHoya

De he say shit3:22


I don't think the second one is an easter egg, The rapist


Dude Perfect The Best Of World Record

Sergei Liu

yall aint gon notice how this the backround music in the minecraft introduction video years ago??


I always see a creepy guy gnawing on a pickle on the corner when I go to the gym

Lana Fourie

I'm really sorry about your sister, I wish she could have taken a breath I hope it will get better soon

zaid zuberi

I feel like my brain doesn't want me too be happy. One minute I'm fine the next I remember something dumb I did years ago like denting my car then the flood gates open to bad thoughts

Day 8: less pain

Adena Jones


Emma Davis

I have really bad anxiety

Game Red Ball Fun

My favorite one was 17.5 flips

Mr animation

What an amazing video ,unbelievable dp how do you make that great video easily 👍👌👏

Lupita Olivares

Matt you made people that have gay parents sad

Grace B

Idk this is sad for me bc im in love with Jeff and basically he’s getting tortured at the end

Izayah Wilburn

Team Cody

Irtaza Naqvi

They recommend us now after 10 years????

Anyone else have any true stories of their own? :) I would love to hear them if you'd want to tell them! Every story is interesting to me. (^w^)


to skinny unattractive to fat unattractive god damn ya'll change your minds does it matter?


Team coby

Fuse Th chanel


Jason White

What is the calorie count of this ramen bowl? It has to be something like 35K.

Alesandro Steel



Morata didn't miss that at least

Rimuru Tempest

1:56 oh hey Delirious is in the game


I can already hear the two year olds...


Nick Zhang

join the nfl


Shooting Star

Are 20s we don't even even know who we are in are 20s were a total mess in are 20s. I feel the 40s are the best. Your settle, you know what you have where your going what your doing. Good times.

yrammary ronacir

Bronze palette