Classroom Observation Techniques

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super kids

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Carmen Hunter

She sound white

crashman crazy dude

the dog lady is my friend

salty wolf

Thanks cancer

Lisbon Lions

Love how much effort you put in a video

Johny Strike

how did you get the two-handed flame?

5.Your checking now.


I don’t think I’ll ever be prepared for my parents death

The Late Duck

3:30 anyone else flip their screen over or is it just me

Abby Acentares

Poor girl!!!. 😢

Salty Salmon

Please do this with Killzone Mercenary for the ps vita

Wolfie goodbye everyone.

I tried to tell my mother but she says "it is just a part of puberty" or she'll ask me if i'm on my period, after that she'd just ingore me. And I can't find the words to tell my father. But I didn't know how easy it is to fake a smile. I have two friends that have the same sort of depression as me, Through they push it away to replace it with anger. Through i'm glad my depression is getting easier to handle.

Esteban Calderon

That was Mario on the first one lol


Happy feet was obvious


Lets call him

Merque de Lyon

So this is the standard my glorious CDPR has succumbed to? Lame shitty lines, going the easy way with these dumbed down fps mechanics, stereotypes everywhere... seems to me like someone is just out for some quick cash grabbing.

I just broke up with my ex-bf .

Miguel Alfonseca

I wanna see your face. Show me your face pwease. You should start doing some kind of blog. JUST A SUGGESTION. Not an obligation, you do what you like, no matter what others tell you. BUT, in MY opinion as a sub, I'd say it would be pretty cool if I could see you doing some kind of blog or something.

Rainbow wolfy

I feel so bad!!! 😭


In official terms, it is another way of saying drugs, as you probably have heard of 'doping' in sports where athletes (or other) "dope" in order to be more energetic and 'better' than most of the other players/athletes.

Een Game Kanaal

2:56 Me when a new DP video comes online


have i met one pff i am one

ExoDos 2

Terrorists attack

Sam Hunt


Omkar S. Singhar


Chub Chubz

Bruh, that because you didn't go to the TRUE Looney house.

Nikita Khrushchev

nice Chris Kyle shirtthe legend

Chantal McGee

that is eggsalent!!!!!!

Taylor Lee

This is bad...

15_ Hiyama


kunjan raval

I LIKE COBY INstead of Alll .. LOVE you ,, BROTHER !!!!


U all are awesome also I'm ur biggest fan!😆