Earth's motion around the Sun, not as simple as I thought

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jasmine hirani

Umm let me introduce you to the technology and electronic device called a cell phone ... U could just have called him ... Long distance relationship works out sister

Black Hill


The Beast Man


carl bartrum

I’m the person that is cold in the freezer part

Beaver Man Animations

This came out 3 years ago and I have never scene it

dude dude dude

Chris Ward

Sea walls tend to have devastating consequences to the beaches. :(

Nitika Sethi

i am happy coby you won a battle and you should battle next kill the boys

Shawn Savege

The try to act cool guy

Fraser Whiskard

What kind of system do you need to run this?


Naruto fanboys incoming


@DCshoes35 it did its just hard to see. if you hold spacebar it goes slomo and you can see it bounce on the right.


I can totally see the Aliens DLC happening. I never knew about all the alien Easter eggs outside really of the parts you end up collecting.

Tyguy ForPrez

Canada will own USA in hockey

I'm still shaking from that day 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Casey and Jacob YT

2019 anyone

not a ryze main


Paul V

Zipline squirt was the best!

Opulent sneakers

Haha what happen to gsw??? Hahaha all those stars don't look too bright now hahaha weakk assss teammm!! Toronto I give you props for playing beautiful basketball get these foos off their HIGH horses ! 💯💯💯

Carlos Montero

esta wea es falsa

thank god

Oh god I’m a terrible person

Bob's Army 2

(insert comment about 12 edgy year old pretending to be a psychopath)

Kirsten Korff


maddie_plays_ games

WHY DOES THIS REMIND ME OF THE BOOK WONDER??! Poor Ricardo... he's like Auggie from Wonder. ;-;

Джозеф Джостар

Бля, мужские персонажи будут?

CK senior

Go north, meet the Queen Sansa~

kaiju dude

Pls fpr android

Type the desc and count to 5 no no 3

Jalen Madjidi


Hellfire Black

plzz do easter egg video for bo 2?

LoGic. Dude

Tony punches after the bell

Uzi Esparza

Did dice make mirrors edge?


I forgot that Mirrors Edge was the first of this.

isquid400 the nutty one

Woman in video: anorexia is just a diet

bryan turley

Make new vid


it looks like a damn man to me , a white boy with a womans hair cut , thats not faith. though he tried .

Neha Arya

And now the love story begin

Rusty Dusty

btw i dont get 4



Diana Castro Pimentel

am I the only one who thinks thats not the GREATEST gift

Chia yu Liang

They looks too thin

aril Afgika

I don't know how you

Cacti Lover

If I got bullied, someone’s gonna end up in the hospital. And it ain’t me, chief

Yale Seaton



8:33 well at least we now know what direction Tokyo is

Zero Gamer

Hope you continue this their are still tons of easter eggs in this game