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المعلم خوستيقة عمر خالد

I creid😭😭😭😭😭😭

Chris is cool

Cool guys

Amanda Brandt

Hearing some words you said I thought "that would make a good make up shade!" A lime green called "acid" or a orange called "caution" or "candy corn" a white with some colored specs called "splatter" or a red called "blood splatter" or a red called "candy apple" a blue called "carnival" a black called "massacre" I feel like naming shades is the funnest part!

jeka 14

James Palmer

Thats stupid! And stretching things a bit jackass


I was born 3 1/2 months early


Have you noticed the guy in the desert is the same voice actor as wade in GTA V.

It’s a mini.


The policemen tho.

The DJ



middle finger at @3:49 aha

Gods Warrior

Earth Vader be like, “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!”

SuperDawg - Gameplay

I'm your 1 millionth subscriber

Cancerous ASMR

911 again?

[Verse 4: Drake & Chris Brown] I sometimes go to school and while going to school my mind went nothing and my eyes lost sight can somebody tell me what that is?

t hubshman

Me: girl why you make me cry me: keeps on crying

Sember Uchiha

What's the background music called? .-.?

Keri Cabral

i like the song