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Ali Ergashzoda

Bread is baf for ducks

Hannah_Oliva 465

Good News

Uncle Eli

lip smacking


Da Doyers

Ging Itabag

I will try thath at home

queen morgan

It's not ur fault you did not know what was goking on she loved you very much remember that

Nauval channel


Joji Joseph

# Cory

Me: no thanks

KSound Kaiju

Babish should make a Macho Mojito

Reaper LM

Panda ftw

Blu Scout

i did that john cena easter egg too

Shridhar Samal

Food wastage


wow,guru know how 2 pilot helicoptars in sniparzfield 4

Nerushan Ramakkuddy


Saiki K.

You want meaning in life? Start watching Hajime no Ippo. Trust me it’ll inspire you to become better of yourself, and even motivate you to start Boxing.

Evan Flowers

at 7:50 look at the heart and you'll see a face by the left chain 

The Ultra tuber

Point from above!

Kian Piater

hi is the panda

Mya Turner

Jeniffer Lopez is so pretty

Vincent Tseng

...is this a joke?

Sean Colley

Can’t wait to play pixel gun 3D on this thing

Theo Masunga

Sending love from Botswana ❤

Harry Hall

What song do u use for stereotype videos

MR.CraZyChill AF


depressed_ sadchild

Poor twins they tried so hard

Adrianna Rose

I am dumb. I actually thought the title was: Alcohol in a child's eye. I was expecting to see some person put alcohol in a child's eye.

just imagine it

in this version is cap dies


i think the G-man is like the hat persons at the matt demon movie xD


Am I the only one that thinks it’s a prequel?

antonio segundo

only 2500 fps??? shit

Subaru Playz

Cmon, Next year for the new Real life Trick Shots?

Ryan Ridgway

Hes better than tom brady

Mac Pittner

1:56 oh really Tyler 1:51

Fear Triggers

oh my god i laughed so hard when you used the scarab gun 

Jaden Truong

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The sheep's go:mehhhh




Should've just sent him a picture of a nude eye shadow pallette

Say my Name

Sounds like Kyle Gallner looks like Rob Dyrdek

-Teaches would never physically tell you that you wouldn’t be successful

Marisol Alvarez

This is the same soul cycle place Karissa went to in Nate Garners channel

Pillsbury Doughboy

4:48 Ur welcome.

Juan Garcia

Can you do a film theory on 2h32 it's pretty cool

Alex Ki, jaja


Nice memes, mate

Bryce McEntire

Frisco rough riders. Dr pepper field

Vicool 18

This is fake. If he was born in 2002 then he would be a 17 year old this year and it’s already June and he said 6 months later so at most he was born January 1st and everything he mentioned happened in one week which is simply unbelievable. This is clearly faked and is just a fake “ true “ story.

Weird Everyday

Watching in2017

Maria Bach

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joe rodriguez

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ahmad terkeni

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Bárbara Prado

My dad cheated on my mom , he didn’t wanted to meet me, i honestly feel better this way! ❤️