Diana Pretend Play Ice Cream Shop

Diana and Roma pretend play ice cream shop with their Dad. Kids want ice cream but they have no money. Ice cream seller offers children a job. Diana and Roma are also playing with kids toys.Diana's INSTAGRAM to Kids Diana Show -

Umbra Witcher

I know this is a horror game, but for some reason your videos are really soothing to watch.

Norma Alicia Bernal Bernalnormaalicia

Play pac man


The title is a part of the lyrics from play with fire

Elaine Dao



Was expecting grams to ask why her granddaughter is Asian...


i used too love this game i dont know why i stopped but in the original it was impossible too play you would just always get stuck

comedy gaming

at 1:25 end

Pedrinho Plays

holy crap, what is that voice??????? (instaboner)

Adamson B

Best HQ ever!!!!😍😍😍😲😲😲

🚨 COME SEE US (no snakes) ON TOUR!

Anna Lucas

Hey!!!! My name use to be Anna I say use to cause I changed it to my last name Lucas

Chubzzz 123

I’m 2018

Patricia Quesinberry

Baseball feild


He looks 47.

Tabitha Freeman

Damn so this is how ppl feel walking with me 😂😭 Kid: *shows book*

Mary Madison

At least when people ask why you an say you got hit by lightning...well it’s still bed but pretty cool


I love your videos. Thank you for making them.

Joe Rivero

Yay Kanye and Pusha as the intro lol

Marshmello lover

At 3:47 his face though!


Yay San Andreas


hey should have their own show on mtv... like nitro circus or something


I'm not trying to make fun of you but you probably jinxed it by saying "I hope it opens".

Rollo Fenrir

I would say “hot ones” stands for the guest at this point, but i dont want to add fuel to the fire 😂

Jonika Short

I only cheat on test