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If you are struggling or having a hard time, consider taking an online therapy session with our partner BetterHelp!must watch video. Denzel Washington's Life Advice Will Change Your Future. This Epic Motivational Speech for 2018 will inspire you! Subscribe for Motivational Videos Every Weekday, Helping You Get Through The Week! Thanks to Ashraf Elmaghraby for the video license:us on:Instagram: licensed through Videoblocks and Videohive.----------------------------------------­­-------------------------Help us caption & translate this video!


This just shows who the real dudes are!!!!

Funmi Adefisayo

He has an amazing voice very talented 😭😫💓

Mr. Tate

how many metal gear games are there?

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is Christian your brother

Anthony James Langdon

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JAJAJA great video, I didn´t know about Bear´s history

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Sneaky Scissors

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Vuitton Teng

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Polaroid Antarctica

I knew you were going to win


Here is Love by City of Lions it says in the top left corner at 3:18

BigFisherPro - Benedek Fényes

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Alisa the robot 1.0

I think..he wanted to see ehow much you love him...if I were you I would say"I love you but..I'm not ready yet.."

Josh: i love Harry so much

Nic the Clown

another amazing video as always happy holidays

Leisel Schlangen

This was better then the last one i watched

Arminius of Germania

Women do this to guys all the damn time. She cheats on her husband because he's not going to do anything about it, divorces him, and moves in with the 25 year old stag she has been cheating on him with for the past 8 years, and society praises her for it. Were it the other way around, the husband would be condemned for cheating on her. Absolutely no fucks given. Suck it up buttercup.

Elizabeth Bennet

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Marcus Merino

Thanks for the warnings

Edwin Dubridge

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Blu The Taken

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Hungry Ninja

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