Pocoyo y Nina en la piscina 💓 Pocoyo Juguetes en Español

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AR ._.

Look up in the corner for splattoon.

Melissa Barker



In my opinion it looks like he shoved him as a "wtf! was that really necessary?" They're up by 10 and the ball hit he referee anyway...

Nidhi Patil

Holy mother of clickbait

mafe tovar

Kylie I adore you 😘

Bluena WOLF




Nick Jaramillo

I would become an NBA player and make it to the finals just so Guillermo can interview me.

Bliji Mei

"Don't hate the player, hate the game" HAHAHAHHAHAHA U GOT ME THERE SUGAR

rock 1235

Just try to flip water


Wow! Awesome video man.


2019 ...anyone?

Henil Patel

I love the background song AND the video.


Let's go to a place... where everything is made of blocks... where the only limit is your imagination. Let's go wherever you want to go. Climb the tallest mountains. Venture down to the darkest caves. Build anything you want. day or night, rain or shine. Because this is the most magnificent sandbox you'll ever set foot in. Build a majestic castle, build a new machine, or take a ride on a roller coaster. Play with friends, build your own little community. Protect yourself with the strongest armor that you can craft. No one can tell you what you can or cannot do. With no rules to follow this adventure is up to you.


There are easter eggs about rats all over the game :) (with faith sister)

But aren’t we all :)

Life but a truck that will be cool that after having his show easter eggs there is evidence for the first kind (eminem song) it will be cool after show you little piece of art with a song

[ I'm not being disrespectful to any group/Fandom, I'm just worried about these boys because I really love them]

Nick Lopez

why didn't you shoot the ufo?

No knock to him, but this shows none of that talent. The music isn't in a range he can shine in, and the staging is all over the place so he can't get into a groove.

k h

I am scared of the nothingness(if there will be nothing?)I still can't get over that fear-if there is anything after? 21 grams? What is that?

RC Throwdown



Let’s get Guillermo on the show

I don’t get bullied but my other friend does. It’s sad. I think everybody in my class hates her :p


1:00 Alvin and the Chipmunks!

The Kraken Experiment

A113 has appeared in other movies and TV shows too, like Lilo & Stitch, American Dad, the Simpsons/Family Guy crossover...

Ultimate Spyro

last one was funny

Zuhair Rashad

Tyler's Celebrations are definetly the bestt. Like if u agree..

2. Pour gasoline on him


in frozen 3 : there is someone who loves Elsa..

Noah Noland

press 6 and 9 for funny ass falls

Arno Zela

Cool video! But this also could be every other gungan

green grass

Not sponsored by kirkland

Colesy M


oh lol

When cody went "she a sᵘper fan" I felt that


cody looks so small against them


well i' m a german guy and i can say that this isn't footballwhy are you americans this crazy and call it soccer? idk y.what you have done is AMERICAN football pls call it like this

Ryan Andrews

4:07 did he really just say that

Lawrence Durero

At 3:40, I wonder if he actually tased him or not

ashes ley

1 like.. I saved sexually abused person..


frozen got dark.

Silver Snake

This is why I am scared every day. My dad drinks and it all ready killed his little brother and I can't stop from being scared that the same thing will happen to him.



Kreeper Bros

Iphones are blue

Geralt of Riverwood

Odd polish fellow

10000 subs with no videos

2:44 how it feels to be on marajana

Cory) mini waving man: green: I wouldn’t even think of making that


How the hell do you find the Secrets of Disney Movies :D?