Google interns' first week

Students who join Google in internships or in full-time roles work on interesting, meaningful projects and are expected to have an impact from the start. Meet five recent summer interns and hear their thoughts on what it means to work at Google.

George Hanson

Isn't that Yogg Saron whispering in WoW?

Marihuana y bebida

Josue Uriarte

I love your content, guru :) keep it up! Youre one of my favorite youtubers ^_^

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who come here for no reason

Mow Hawks

Jump off the balcony into a pit of spoiled milk


Like the music choice for the intro!


Spoiler: Atreus dies in infinity war also funny that its Atreus cause he's also loki

saif mubarak

0:55 I think he meant “what year is it Morty

Hi Fwend!!!

Good video!!!

Janie Taylor

He took the crumb tray out of the toaster for no reason 😂

Russ Barnett

Can I be in a video

mrs. H

Tyler you have got skill to basketball

sub to pewds

this stuff is so inspiring

Mortised TheGamer

2020. Damn

Anthony Kramer Jr.

That Jake is going to pay for what he did

el humanoid

I just started a new playthrough 3 days ago with my original PS1 copy. This is good news.

Avian Harrison

omg they r so flippen good

Banna Smoothy

Them : I Lied And Now My Friend Is Missing.

Daniel Zhang



Lucas Scott

He definitely missed the red circle on the dunk tank


Awesome dude

LORI Barwick

That was my four and a half birthday

Bat Man

Did anyone knowtha there is a game upcoming about that movie dark crystal that james was scared of as a kid

Owen Alm

tyler was milking the falls


omg he has a problem

Sparkle Unicorn

I know right

Patrick star

"life finds a way"

Gamer Catman

Memes LeBrOn JaMeS, bop, ooooooooof, oh wait one more ME

Maria Ledesma

Dat Joker glam

Boomy Toonz

How he alive


Lol im watching in 2015 this is the same exact camp in the same exact state in 3 days!


Is there eh. .. a change for face reveal? (dumb question incomiing) :D


How do you find easter eggs in new videogames so fast?