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i just want to say fuck this game !! good video btw


Cara vocês conhecem o homem formiga!

Deku Gacha

Giant foot ball

Ethan Madriaga

Who else noticed that Cody asked for orange juice when he was brushing his teeth

Stacy Bai

Imagine the pain when she had to talk through this whole video

Mitchell Worthy

you'll shits

Andrew Torbitt

that 8th one was weird

Cat Memes

What a mature 3 year old


I can't stop watching 3:20

one like 7 slaps for the old lady

Anna Ivaldi

lol me too it happens stay calm girl. and worst part I had it for fucking summertime from the 4th of May to the 7th of October ahhhhhhhh

Mantan gold

Doesn’t seem like it is rigged

Deadly Kitten 666.6

Next up: breathing trick shots

Madeleine Todd

Who is watching in 2017


ima turn my YouTube channel around some day


L is out to get you

Marcos Arenas


Hook Up



I'm a tall guy who only shoots 2's

I don't wanna talk about it.


Please do more reviews

Samantha Stroupe

There aren’t really any stages of grief. There is no time limit or specifics to it.

Lewis Deacon

81 people are clearly jealous. Man you rock!!!

Rahul Chaurasiya


Orlando Gallegos

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my3johnsonboys mj

There needs to be a Fortnite stereotypes video

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MFKlie kun

Im 2% population who doesn't watch gameofthrones hahah

The Angel of Fuckery

thank fuck im taking a shit while watching this


You should film with tom holand

Hannes Jacobsson

Jet-ski under the panda tho


No he was right, Battlefield 1943 was another Battlefield game.

Tbh, I'm not going tbh with you

That song made me jizz a little.

Strelok And

The last one is awesome! xD

Conor Doonan

Do a colab with Nigahiga