Active Shooter Muzzle Awareness Drill - YouTube

Lucas Botkin explains and demonstrates a muzzle awareness drill he likes to do to build good sub-conscious habits of muzzle awareness and target engagement on the move.He's running a T.REX ARMS Sidecar appendix holster for his Glock 19 equipped with a Trijicon RMR and Inforce APL.

Scary Scraggy

The ending was perfect

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Gabriel Cordova

3:53 has wearing a raiders shirt and playing as the ravens

S.S. Red Umbra

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What happens if you Submerge burning magnesium in water

Navi Channel

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Tyler’s are the best

May someday he delete his pagan songs and get away from Devils labels that's giving him millions of fake views likes and comments and talk about actually the gospel for free and not for money...

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That is awesome dude perfect


Haunting music... Loved it.

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The song is realy good

Jonas Theriot



Harrison Ford vs Dwayne Johnson

New York City Lights

MatPat's gonna be all over this😂

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I am so proud that there was no Saw references in the video, I hate everything about Saw. Keep up the great videos

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That so sad

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I think the Halo Wars 2 graphics and armour detail was good. They did not have to make cheifs armour that simple.

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