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ItzBelby - Animationz

Go southwest wooooo

Shy V

Can you make Pewdiepie's Swedish meatball, but with a better version '-')?

It gets better ❤



Noble Z

Worst song ever😑

Slime_ Life

You guys do really cool tricks

Mr. Gamer

I one from RUSSIA?

Annabel Thornhill

smh why is the texas christmas SO true

Michelle Duran

I watch Sub and Dub a lot and i don’t mind it. But honestly.. honestly! DBS dub is horrible the intro and outro is so cringe 😩 i can’t and i won’t watch DBS in dub at all!


Fucking awesome! Keep these up, man. I'm a big gamer, and I'm a big cinema fan as well, so this was super enjoyable.

Boris Slavosk

Technically he can't ''learn gradually'' from those piano because its not in chronological order ? (or it is !?):P no offence nice video :)

Arian hmn

It wasn't that stupid though, there are actually a great deal of indie 2d platformers out there atm, that does seems to be their go-to style of games right now.

Hannah Howland

That’s illegal

Mike Kutz

The cats name is pole I think

Third movie, maniac murderer/portrait slasher + dementors

Nick Eskandar

Ricky a.k.a the best buy guy

Tyler Smith

Where’s Garret


but the radar is 3 d

FurCorn games YT

Every one hated this country


Cory you keep on letting us down


gta v pls :(

Toxic Turnov3r

The i am legend Easter egg is one of the best Easter eggs of 2016 so far

This is ofcourse a reference to the Ramuh summon from Final Fantasy (XV)

NoMore Food

Not normal! I understand


I never said I was the first to post this... If you mean the text at the end, I mean if someone copies the video and posts it on their channel, not the trick.

Niwa Cording

You are still one of my if not my favourite youtuber. Im so thankful for everything you put out. Much love dude!

Nivedita Shinde

Tyler is a egg


There some people guessing what it is, so Ill give a hint; you don't find it, it finds you, all you have to do is keep playing the game and it will appear (its very subtle) also thanks for replying Guru, your vids are awesome

And mean that is a little harsh(not to be rude but just sayin

David Endres

I definitely want to see this. Terry Gilliam is the man!

Minna Huerta

Her story is a bit simalar to mine cause my dad was the same way but my mom never stopped caring for me and loved me


Thank you for all the hard work!


Honestly guys how the hell do you make everyshot? You must practice this shit 24/7 or something and why the F dont you go pro!!

Austin McCabe

Can you give me a giveaway

Carl Rau Friislund

Looks sick


John Wick vs Neo from the matrix Staff Morale Increased

lil j

I can do the lasershot it's easy LOL

Pastor of Muppets

F at that last one

Gabriel Lacoste

Cody is a true ninja

Carol Tassin

I agree with Eathen........chill people!!!!

Abizar Anam

Mana suara INDONESIAAA...

Karen Su Pei Lim

Could you guys have used a clear plastic tube for the 180 wrap around so we could see the arrow

The SquishyDabi

She sounds like itsfunneh

Pants? Check


Gooooo australiaaaaaaa

Katrina Jensen

Can’t believe Jenna has 8 dogs

Eden De Mesa

Who else is excited this coming November? Hit Like if you want more trailer!

HopMaH Dos

you can call this "Nerf Call of Duty Blasters Battle" and nobody will say anything

Linda Ramsey

She:I hate kids you got a job as a teacher I thought you said u hate kids that’s like teaching 20-30 kids a day

Amanda Kranz

Inside the hole there’s logs