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Grammar nazis are confused


Cory said a bad word he said the s word

Juliana Corcoran

It doesn't matter wherevu come ftom bullying is wrong

Cannon Gamez

More panda

3rd King

Bruh this puts a smile on a young boi’s face😂😁

Gina Frontino

Will there be an all sports golf battle 4

And does things the special ways that most YouTubers can’t produce, that’s why we need Kurzgesagt.

Like si te gustó la canción. :3

honey boons

excuse me i have been experiencing these issues for the past 9 months what the fuck

jai chandran

Dude who is that PANDA

jack meyer

Do it again it be hilarious

Azelia Ramos

The artwork is gorgeous in this one


To to burj khalifa for the highest shot

TurtleLover JJ

Uhhhh so close 17.5

tracy Noel

That's unfortunate


He will go 20meters

Gavin Stone

So I watched Incredibles 2 and saw A113 without looking up where it was........ My life is complete

Marc Jaskir

well the dude perfect shot wasnt fake!!


Marine: Banshee inbound!!! *kills it*

Blox Ploit

Jeff: Now im the richest man in the world.

Morris Vink

This is STILL my Fav D.P. vid. :D

TD vlogz

So I want to go to your tour but my church is having summer camp and the camp is going on when the tour is and I cannot choose to go to camp or to dp tour!!!😭😭😭 pls help me chose which one to go to by commenting below 👇🏼 PS I have been looking foward to both all year.

Rap Central Official

Is anyone here an OG dp subscriber?


I live in Michigan and immediately fled across the border to Canada when I saw this.

faisal aldosry

Everytime you say kappa someones get lured to water and drown

Jacob Nerf

Antonio Brown


That review was amazing. Please do more lol

min Om

This scared the shit out of me .... just me .... okay

Justis Hayes

It's not your falt

Gianluca Terribile

what is the music called on 2.34 ?

Rizbe Hasan

Why are you not going to Olympic

Travis Baarsch

na na na na hey hey hey hey gooodbyee

Kalen Thovson

0:52 you can just see the broken glass on the backboard from before that

Timo Kuronen

Nice video! However, the water need to produce one car sounds way too little. If the water need for mining of iron and other minerals, producing steel, plastic, tyres and other car components are added up, the figure could be much bigger than 39,090 litres. I've read that producing one tonne of steel requires 75,000 gallons or over 280,000 litres of water. (And one typo in texts: 24,000 LEADERS to produce 1 kg of chocolate... ;-) )

Marcio Vinicius

This song on .75x slow down speed hit different

Can I be a billionaire now?

Hana Barker

super smash bros on wii u

Tristan Higuera


Youchun Xia

And if no one can be perfect why are our parents try to push us to be perfect?

John edward cunanan

OMG the parents doesnt care of i were u i will call the police

Lele Gacha

I am eating cake while watching this... 😐😐😐

Flame HerobrineYT - Roblox & More!

May 2019 Anyone?

Adiat Sami

Angry Dudes.

Quebec Sucks

great fight guys, thank you both


Pitbike actually