Arnold Schwarzenegger Gym Training In 2019 - Still Working Out Strong At 71 Years Old - YouTube

Arnold Schwarzenegger is still training hard at the age of 71. Watch how he stays fit and in shape.Subscribe for more bodybuilding.#arnoldschwarzenegger #workout #thenandnow #gym

Young Christ Saved



Fair point. The title was kind of rushed when I first made the series because I didn't know what to call it, people seemed to like it so I just stuck with it.

most sincerely

Goomw Love

I have a advice for you

Forrest Heeter

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Davis Adventures

comment your favorite part her. mine is 4:06


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But good story

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Youngbae Dong

does anyone else hate these fucking videosget a real job

Judah Sh

I love you battles They're always cool to watch, and great ideas to try.

The Gamester

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i don't think you'll even get a fast food job with that "skill"

Foggy Pebble

Why did this woman stop taking her meds whenever she partied though? Why did she keep linking these two actions?

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Matt Banco

Can Cody dunk?

William Rioux

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Damn great video!Always love the choice of your music keep it up buddy!

Livia Mortensen

I was born 3 months too early.


1:01 never noticed it but I think Cody's dad is recording it on the right.

Zaiden kun

that was so beautiful how you made the story

Yulissa Rogers



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