Clifford Aboagye #10 - U20 FIFA World Cup - YouTube

Stxr 2024

Ur boyfriend look like a puff Cheeto 💀😭😂

Andrew Contreras Silva

The puppy is so cute🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

faayee tufaa

That guys is a jerk girl and if he doesn’t like you then his loss you keep on going girl!!!!

Xavier Butters

Who else was surprised when a grendae blew up

snap crakle pop ______

I was just on instagram 😂

Maddie Manaois

I think his wife is not using the remote

The Camp Half Blood Witch

We finally have a good cotton pokemon

sukanta Das

well done


Just saying tanner made a joke a CF and my best freind is going to love till 19 bcs of it just saying. Other than that I do love you guys ♥️

Сидоров А.С.

I like the idea of the authors of the CoaliChain platform.

Random dude

Hope this year you burst through 1 Mil coz ur content is so original and great!

Carlos is the goat

Cody is a bandwagon

Terron Nelson

Damn I wish nip and fatts was here how yall die at 30something and been banging all them years 🎼🎶🔊🎤 rest in paradise NIP



DanielGaming DR

if you can hear he say help me watch until end. #saveguru

Jukebox Joints

Dude!!!! Perfect!!!!

Stinky Pete

Shape gives me asmr like no other.

Benjamin Frederich

Third round of bottle flip contest guy with red beard cracked his neck before and after every flip 😂

Street Skating

What weapon r u using in the beginning