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Skull Crusher jaiden 70896


Jennifer Castro

Hey my mom does a tall caramel cappuccino and me and my brother get a vanilla bean

Sayed Marzan

Woooooow what a beautiful video

umer abbasi

If coby will win second battale


you can also find a package on one of the islands that say DeadEx also refering to the movie


I am one of 4% of ppl that don't watch The game of thrones


Thanos: I am inevitableIron Man: I am Iron ManOlaf: I cAnT fEeL mY lEgS!

A Barr

Im sorry this disgusts me how can you not be mad????


5:37 throws turtle*

King Jordan

Funny video but cowboys are trash


I'm eating brownies, pringles, ruffles, pizza lunchables and fruit juicy red Hawaiian punch

Dalton Helm

omfg u guys r godly lol

LeBukkit Cunt

IK WHAT THE MARIO ONE IS! :D is a reference from the anime movie Spirited Away. Its the Character with no face :D

Bri DeFriece

Haha loser😝

Govind Dhillon

Team Coby for ever!!!!!!!!!!😃😃😃😄😄😄😄🐼

Ethan Benoit

1:01 - 1:11 internal thoughts for when something cool happens



icon Rider Omi

Wooow jast wosommmm guys ;)

Pretzel Friez

This is how many subscribers they will have in 2020=

im the derpy

Rainbow six scp breach

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Elliot Often

I'm surprised that so few people have noted the significance of making Kojima's games disappear. We're "removing" only HIS games. A few months later his name was removed from TPP. I think he knew and put that easter egg in GZ. Because why the hell would he put the non Kojima games in that level too?

Pugest pug

Look at the poster closely there is different pokemon in it new pokemon


sydney crosby


i just got jebaited

The actually happened meme is dead, y'all.

Elvin Ho

I’m sorry, but the way u drew the dad makes me hate him more

Michael A. Hayes

Excellent Video, Truly Enjoyed it.

Flor De La Rosa

Who else wants more vlogsssss ?!!!!


i played Madden 16 and Aaron Rodgers was on there


as soon as bunny put her head on jenna's arm marbles barked, he's such a sweet lil man claiming his mama


I think they should have done the test without knowledge of which came from which as to not be biased in any way or the other