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Sovath Jack

Wow wow 😮

Aarance Kenway Vlogs/Reviews/Gaming

Why did I hear 1918 but then they say WW1 broke out and I'm like what!?

Artrageous with Nate

Did they film this in a public park??

XxDeHgAmErXx :3

Hey I have exama too or is it axama? Idk...but believe me it’s not easy 😔🤕💔

1hon do

21 bounces

19g fly away

Haha gayq

Kinming Wong

Love your videos, @FunWithGuru U point easter eggs that I have never noticed before in video games and movies. Do you think u can do recent ones like Batman Arkham Knight, Avengers Age of Ultron (Movie), etc?

Jeff Resler

Sharks are crazy and their crazy

Chloë Yvonne Tunbles

1 like is one prayer 🙏 ❤️

Shortcut Gaming

Anyone else watching in June 2019

dg kalie

The white girl is mad... pepole thets out of U.S.A. is cool

Borna Lončarić

Tyler looks so like Bradley Cooper



Paris Delight

I can’t go to your new tour and I really wish I could! Your music is lit! But I live in Ireland, And you’re doing the tour in America, So the plane cost and the tour would cost way too much money, Could you please do a tour in Ireland? I know you definitely won’t see this comment but I have hope. ☺️

harold altagracia

Gotta See it? Would've been better if Lowry swung at him tbh


the twitter thing is really cool ^^ more games should do things like that.

Cortland Chatel

This is The Force Awakens 3: The Search for More Money: published by EA


maciek stański



The thing is, I’m a ballet dancer and I’m not skinny, not at all but I can still dance and it doesn’t affect me whatsoever. I don’t understand why people think dancers have to skinny.

Logan Karn

Your trick shots are good but not your paintball trick shots

ainnaqvi15 on ig



Why did they blur out pandas face! 🤠😥😥😥

F1 Gaming

haha his jeans are backwards

David Hagelberg

I want a golden hamburger!

ShaDow E-CLiPPeS

That katana CUTTING sounded so SWEET!!😆


You forgot the frat boys who destroy the golf car

Ashley Jarvis

Cody sucks

mom: i'am back

Ray Alco

Imagine if that hit nailed you in the head


There is also in Back2Karkand Battlefield 3, Gulf of Oman, on the building with the pool, on top of it it's a little radio playing a Battlefield 2 song.

Lara Alzahrani



Thank God, Trump won


I relate to this! :-/

Arti Nehru


Harsh Dani

you guys should really think about resources before doing such crazy shit there are people in the world who don't get food and you are celebrating after wasting all that flour what a shame.

A Lovely Nugget

i like wasting my life