90+ Healing Bible Scriptures (looped) and Soaking Music - YouTube

Old Testament first, Then New Testament. To the Lord Jesus be the Glory👆✝🙌Music I used Almost all scriptures are NKJV.A Few are amplified.Wanna send me something? Letter, postcard, pictures, prayer requests?Please do!Love you all so much!In JESUS Name✝P.O. BOX 872391Vancouver, WA98687

Watching this trainwreck of an episode, and seeing 3 grown men have wayyyy to much fun singing to sprinkles on cling wrap.....*facepalm* Sheesh over react much???

Horizon Eyes

So xbox scarlet is a Kyle? Cool.

Cesar Sandoval



2:38 doesn't even apply to the video, but whatever

Anđela Mandić


Myles Lee

2:15 was my favorite part only because of jacques good video though and you added some good tunes as well

Timmy Stabler

will we ever find out if this is real or fake?

merc with a mouth games

Duke 2019 to

cousin vs cousin channel



Good luck trying to stop the ocean

Addison Nowell

my favorite shot was the sling shot


Kennedy made me laugh so hard "I don't know what's going on" x) One of the lucky one! The spared one, so few of them who still don't have any idea what a shit show it was!

Gabriel Steele

he scared the shit out of me

RFY Yungeens

If you guys notice the voices are form marvel avengers assemble on Disney xd

tobias arnesen

do a floorball video with pavel barber

The Green Troll



thank you half of the commentors on this video for being captain fuckin obvious...of course the damn shots are fake...but it also didn't take dude perfect 1 try to make it.

Bros be dangle

White escalator rafting

Joseph Mcclain

Honestly though rage monster is me when the cowboys still had romo

Thorsten Böhme

5:05 not even for a second was I thinking that the protagonist was being mean. She fully trusted her husband and he broke the trust. There is no way back from there.

Rufayda Ali


Papi Washington

I flipped out*never saw an insane intro

Please don’t say yes


Why’d they put water and cereal?

sarahplayzzz 1324

I cried cuz my grandfather died before I was born


i’m not crying, you are