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Ren God of Hoes and Heroin

Hysteria... coming from the greek root hyster meaning womb or uterus. Just another way to INVALIDATE women and girls experiencing REAL mental health issues. Or another way to just call a woman crazy. "Welp she is just hysterical so dont ever listen to her." Really sad a girl is narrating this.


Kevin Alfaro

Lol you need permission lol???

Trips that you plan for the next whole week A.the pink hair

Astro Pigey

theirs no ac 5 hhuuuuuu may be you work for ubisoft oh my god EASTER EGG WOOLOOLOO

What’s The Video ,bout

Morgen Wallen

chapo guzman

I love this channel

Jekyll and Hyde Wannabe


muhamadridwan budi

John wick : wake the fuck up.. Samurai..

Juan A. Montan

the bunny from saints row 2 at 11:39 but in yellow

h e l l o

the narrator and the whole story has me pissed tf off

Yank Boss

I’m the one play guy

Khalil Ahmed

Please tell me


Ella no era asi jaja regaño de mama

Fortnite Gaming


Avery Fiala

Is it just me, or is that animation really satisfying


I'm for sure that HARRY POTTER SUPER FAN!!!!!!!!Potterheads leave a like and UNITE!!!!!!!!!


My second grade teacher emotionally abused me


Thats all fine and God like greatness but are we gonna see the story of the franchise continue from the presequel and borderlands 2 the war the alien was talking about? :)

Shaun Victor


Pigs4life Lamond

I have short hair and I'm pansexual


I <3 funwithguru


Another example of this would be people judging their favourite sports team. When it wins, it's because their team is clearly the best. When it loses however, it's clearly because some players were sick, other team got lucky or some players in the team were paid to intentionally lose.

Aditya Kr

I m honestly jealous of how happy they are... They get to do what they love and have such friends.. they have everything... Seeing them happy makes me more happy..♥️



Alexandra Jones

Don’t share intimate photos as a minor or an adult. They can get leaked. You shouldn’t share them either. Especially if they’re a minor. Even if you are also the same age you can be tried as a pedophile for possessing child pornography.

Joseph Shaffer

Go pack go


is Cory or Coby the panda?

Brooke Beaber!

Y’all should go back and do trick shots with the tree again and see how big the tree panda put in got😁

Juliet Holland

i love it 3000

Igoudala C


No more stereotype

Gener Bayaca

That short clip of Alan Becker was real

Pinapple Pen

hola people

Simon Brazier

I have done all of that


The Easter egg in Assassin Creed 2 was better than black flag.

Jonathan White

I’m just wondering how Tyler will get that trophy into his office.

Alex Hernandez

This is why you’re the best

Aye mah Serbs where are you at?

Nick Sheeder

Tyler’s Teenage Dream was hilarious

MachoCamacho MADNESS

Yo but why is this so 🔥 tho

Legendary King

dub 4 life

victory Ава

Who in 2019 ( I Russian ) (я русский если что то не правильно то не ругайтесь )

Misaka Mikoto

Well atleast its about Elsa's origin...

Padraig Curran

team Coby for life!!!!

кирюха втренде

Ставьте лайки и поднимите в топ коменты

7 101

Is fortnite really this popular? 💀

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