What To Do When Your Kids Won't Listen - YouTube

Dana Obleman (shares advice for parents when your child will not listen. "How do I get my kids to listen?" This is a common issue for many parents today. In this video, Dana discusses parent child communication, and tips for parents on getting children to listen.

Fredrik Netterman

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Tashy Clark

😭💜 OMG!! I'm crying, this is such a sweet video!

abdullah meeran

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how the hell did you find taiwanese song tho lol

Kamilla Gutierrez

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Wesley Frank

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MarTin ShorLux

Guru, you have a Gamertag? Or naw.......

Forest Shelt

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Dennis Brown

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Adam McGee

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Logan Hawley


Sebastian P.

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Ovidia Ilie

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Red Mist

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Adam Hanneman

Hey Guru, is there any cool Easter eggs you have in Forza Horizon 3? I look all over and really didn't find any. But maybe I'm driving too fast and upside down to notice

Ekrem Gürses

Best video channel

Gianna Riefler

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P Mo

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katie wilkerson

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7:30 i feel bad for laughing, but its just the fact the truck just randomly explodes the second the daughter waves her arms

One of them said “why are you so dumb?” to me just yesterday

Lorrie Browning

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David Shipp

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Peter Sundt

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Jon Steelchill

you didn't find the hybrid panda easter egg? It was talked about in one episode of hybrid panda's we happy few vids