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Hi Sister

You missed the one where moaning myrtle was whispering about how she died.That was in the chamber of secrets.

Mace the Omnilution

My internet sucks dick to play online (it's true)

Lena Janssens

Carve due disorder infrastructure me head sandwich crystal anticipate

TLP Games

I’m pretty sure that they made

banele schogo

J stone is the next big thing outta All Money In Rec. 🔥 🔥 #TMC

KxN Gulli

Anyone 2019


me: sees title

Brisky boy

That walk noel did should fr be the new dance trend

Marc Vital

howdosety alwayswin

Jimmy Kelly

F2 is way better at trick shots

Mason Sapp

Is the song

Michelle Wilks

Movie "The People" 1972 starts @ 1:12

3. Straight people who are inhumane

Bleach Windex

I like the gta 5

Caked Cupcake frosting

Lol 7:38

Emo Ella エモ エラ

damn come 2040 stormi will be the new face of the kardashians-jenner dramas

Uzi Melly

I’m the 2nd stereotype 100000% lol👇🏻 Like if your are too


They were the frking same dress for 4 months 😂😂😂

Sami Asif

When I saw horse first time it reminds me about pitch from rise of the guardians maybe it is possible Jack Frost will be in it.

Me: Well, that's not good.

Corey Tarr

52 best shot

Pamela Greer

That happen to me once but it was the top 😩😩😩

Kweku Wilson

The ugly madden

Nick Meredith

Do shooting range stereotypes

Akiva Gal

Overtime is number 1💎

naser 77 Naser

Is ramen like noodles or are they different?🤔

Melissa Brown

I like there videos

Vincent Poel

I meant that there is no easter egg in pacman

TheGreatChuchet 08

John Constantine + John Wick = Keanu Reeves 😎

elite hunter

damn now man feel dumm


I feel bad

Artemis James

okay i have to ask how the heck do you guys think this stuff up let alone pull it off i wish i could do stuff like that but the only thing i am that good at is riding my bicycle around 90 degree or sharper turns at 25mph - 40mph downhill speeds without the handlebars while standing 1 foot up 1 foot down on the pedals and most people would not find that as cool as what you guys pull off

Love rainbows Puppys

Well the teachers are so mean if I was in his place I would leave that school and make a horrible reputation of the school as revenge

Caleb Davis

I wonder if Sam compliments his wife as much as he does his food 🤔😂


teenage ninja mutant ninja turtles? That is some ninja action shit

Temau Wolff

Mogblackops sounds like a pedophile -.-

Asma Tariq

I knew it was checkers

kyra schmitz

my p.e teacher looks at my friend oddly idk what to do tho



Eric Booker

Hahaahha lolol

Yesenia Cabrera

Y’all should be models for Calvin Klein or something

Mr Karolasty

This game is Polish, I come from Polish XD

Pigeon Man

Do you mind doing any doom Easter eggs?

Jennifer Jonsson

On your stereotypes they are funny you need to make some more

I'm totally impressed!

otniel rajendra

Didn't realize 173 millions views man dang


This is just perfect 👌

Ilaveni Veni

Hi bro l am in IndiaI wantyourshirts and cap ,drone