Get A New Direction With Vernon Company! (EDUCATION Spoof)

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Elon Musk's Bullies in hell:*Facepalms*


The wake island thanks letter... so heart warming

Darlene Eisenmann

Team shater train

Alisha Boyce

Me: this looks so good!💖❄😍Trailer: out in November Me: buts that's so far away......................................DANG IT!!!!

Not an Animator

That Black Haired 17 year old is Mulan, the Friend with Blonde straight Hair and Pink Clothes is Aurora and the Brown curly Haired one in Green is Merida. I’m 100% sure of this. Also the Main Character is Belle.


педери дошли да нам сјебу државу, е па не може пичке смрдљиве!

The Man From Hell

you know they tried millions of times to take this video Lol Joking Lol

HelloIts Addie

I knew it was checkers😂

priya meena

can you do a video on cricket


I saw your story on snap, I didn’t know how to share my condolences except through the latest video, Im sorry for the loss and stay strong. You have a whole community that loves and supports you!

Tower Power

Tyler Miss Amy Miller was my teacher in third grade

Stan ley

now i aint sayin she a gold digga

God loves me!!!!!





Suzanne Gray

Go teams Purple Hozier and Bumblebee

jamie mlgpro weir

paris eifel tower

Sophia's Happy Place

I am your number 1 fan I love you guys

Brandon Nguyen

Why didn't they just drink the gatorade


nice video!!!! :D

Noe Garci



Make a panda edition vid



Happy late birthday Marbles!

Eamon Maloney

Who is under meeting

Kinsey Sue

Wow basketball 😍

Caroline storey


Griffin Imberman

i wanna see another airsoft battle


Those kitters need some popsicles instead of fighting over breastmilk

crystal Ray

I love dubs!

F.A. A.

What a BS


how did you shoot out electric from your hands?

But my fucking biological parents who are supposed to take care of me arent i know she was encouraging it but that sounds sarcastic

Snackarie Baterina

Another little easter egg, but it's more like a trophy. After beating the game on Survivor, if you look at the window in the starting screen, Ellie's signature switchblade is propped up against the window sill.

Nike Elite

Ur in colorado

Angelika Joy

Frozen 2: stopping global warming

João Pedro


The Dragon Trainer 101

Film with Laurie Hernandez

Faiza Faruk

Hi ^﹏^

David Lloyd

I'm so pretty you already know

10% Other things they did.

3: Hi! Great Video! But I Don't Know Why They Don't Accept Her With Her Looks!

Maykookie 07



That song?

I am s

Michael Bodnar

Go aggies!


Dude this is the first time I've heard your voice. Congrats on the 500k subs.

Pietro Evangelisti

You are one of the best youtuber! Your video are amazing. I love it

Riley Macbean

Tylers winning

the gameplay space