Gia Đình Ngón Tay Con Bò ~ Cow Finger Family ~ Finger Family Songs

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Her name is esperanza because hope means esperanza

Just like how this story is

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Give me a this gun

Renato C.Francisco

2 Years of a refund. This is going insane!

Platano Man

The dactyl won even without the catch by double 2nd place.


Dat donut though

Ewan Johnson

I feel really bad for you guys after the rage monster

Zoro p

I'm sorry

ismael ve w

Third most subs in youtube or no




22 bounces

yeet skeet

emma chamberlain has joined the chat

10000 subs with 1 video? maybe

god dang you, stop making me cry 😥😭😭

Darden Life

When it showed that drawing of her when she shaved her head I laughed 😂😂

joe wahyudi

What a great easter egg video

Ricardo Casas



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itsmaria! lol

Why did you put it on YouTube if you're mom doesn't know

Ryan Sheridan


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who is panda

Neon Ashes

1:43 LOL everyone pointed that out when we watched that in class