Goldilocks and the Three Bears | Educational

Watch Our Most Popular Videos Here: HERE:and the Three Bears | EducationalJust like us, Goldilocks enjoys all the comforts of home.Find out what happens when she finds these comforts in somebody else's home!Would you prefer your porridge hot, cold, or somewhere in between?Tell us all about it in the comments below!Watch Baby Joy Joy's Newest Videos Here:Things I Learned Today Here:Baby Joy Joy Nursery Rhymes Here:Baby Joy Joy Baby Songs Here:once was a girlwith long golden hairwho went for a strollto get some fresh air.She skipped and she whistled,enjoying the sun,picking flowersand having such fun.The rain started pouring,the sky filled with thunder.She searched for a placewhere she could take cover.And that's when she saw it:a cottage nearby!A place she could goto stay warm and dry.Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh!She entered and called,"Is anyone home?"But the cottage was empty,for she was alone.She noticed the chairs near the fire so cozy.Large, medium, small,and because she was noseyshe sat in a chairand without much regard,she determined the largest chair was too hard.But the medium chairwas too soft for her liking.The small one, however,much more satisfying.Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh!She said to herself,"Wow!This chair is just right!Whoever sits heremust be just my same height!"Alas, the small chair was a bit too unsturdy.It shattered to pieces, at least twenty or thirty.She heard a large rumblecome from her tummy.This adventure had left poor Goldilocks hungry.Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-ohThat's when she noticedthree bowls on the table,complete with three spoons.And so she was ableto taste these bowls of porridge.The large was too hot.But the medium bowlwas too cold, Goldie thought.She tried the small bowland it was just right.She ate the whole thing,every last bite!The suddenly Goldie was feeling quite tired.A soft place to sleepis what she required.Finding three beds nearby,small, medium, large,she thought a good napwould help her recharge.So she climbed in the big bed.Too big and too lumpy.The medium bedwas too hard and uncomfy.But the little bed seemed to feel just right,and as her eyes closedshe whispered, "Good night!"But she didn't knowthose beds, bowls, and chairsbelonged to a family of three:the Three Bears!The bears had come homeand to their dismaytheir home had been leftin such disarray."Someone sat in my chair!",Daddy Bear said,"And tasted my porridge,and slept in my bed!"Mommy Bear said,"Someone sat in mine, too!My porridge and bedhad been touched just like you!"But to poor Baby Bearthe most damage was done.His chair had been broken.His porridge was gone!He cried out with a tear,"This just isn't fair!"Then he checked his small bedand someone was there!Tucked under the covers,not making a peep,was a beautiful golden hairedgirl, fast asleep.She dreamed to herself,"Oh, this dream is just right!I could sleep here forever,or at least for tonight."Goldie sleepily opened her eyes and she sawthree bears with big teeth!Three bears with big claws!She screamed and she leaptfrom the bed to the floor,ran past the bearsand out the front door.Daddy Bear growled,"This should teach her a lesson!Golden haired girls are a delicatessen."So the moralif it's not your bowl, bed, or chairplease don't touch it.It might just belong to a bear!Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh00:06 Goldilocks and the Three Bears05:05 Old MacBoo09:20 Shapes and Colors11:35 I've Got a Feeling13:27 ABC Song17:04 Twelve Days of Christmas21:50 Happy Birthday23:48 Wheels on the Bus28:33 Pop Goes the Weasel32:07 Itsy Bitsy Spider34:16 Old MacDonald39:37 Ten in the Bed41:56 Are You Sleeping?47:07 Five Little Monkeys49:40 Humpty Dumpty53:45 Finger Family Frogs56:22 Look At Me Go58:55 Mary Had a Little Lamb

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