Gotham Steel Pancake Bonanza

Rashid Barre

Hit like if Prince EA has impacted you in any way

Ricardo Lopez

Alguien de colombia

Tinx !

Meed to

Garrett Horsch

Team Garrett

Manjeet Singh

Very nice


great show!


I want panda but it says "this type of paying is not valid" or some shit :( but good game :)

Rafe Marcial

The things they do

Pro Reviews

School stereotypes edit:WOWW,I never got that much likes llloooolllllzzz

Aliens Exist

Love the Cinemasins reference. ;)

Franco Rocket

This happens when you waste lot time between many guys

Breakthrough breakthrough

Pimp Savage

He staged that lika mf

Juan Sebastian

Garret cheated to get to the final it's only fitting coby beat him to get his first victory team coby all the way

Braxton Neal

He just came out of the closet

Crane Creator

Стайка озабоченных хомяков вокруг крупной смазливой блондинки... Я сам волеболист, причём совсем не профи, но её "достижения" просто смешны. Любой перворазрядник должен уметь делать то, что она здесь показала, из 10-15 попыток. А Ллойд Бол - вот это класс!

Ace1785s fan


- Camping stereotypes

infinitea franchise

I want the frisbee


OMG she says "I passed out." and all of a sudden there's a McDonalds ad. OMG IM LAUGHING SO HARD!!

Jessica Severs

Spot the difference:jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjijjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

vl Muted lv

stole that move from domingo

Jesse Lovato

My favorite video of 2016 is the DPHQ2 tour

Angie L.

Jeff 💕💕💕


Does this best remind anyone else of "us"?

Nike Channel

1:19 did anyone see a drone like if you saw it

And, after he was born I got right up and jumped in the shower! xD


Ratchet & Clank 1-3 (don't care witch ones)

Alayna Norwood

3m views in three days he's already going places his voice is amazing 😍 I'm sold


There's also more though


OMG, I'm the avoidant and my boyfriend is the auxious

Yih Thung Chin

I tried but, it didnt work, they just told me to get over it and forced me to promise them to not feel depressed or they would scold me even more .Ive tried showing them proof but it didnt work, they just dont believe me and they keep thinking that feeling sad all the time is just a process of puberty,even though I have no signs of puberty, like I dont have pimples, I dont have periods yet, no growth spurt , no nothing , I am also scared of telling them that I have suicidal thoughts because my mom is a very social person and if I tell her my secrets, she would tell it to all her freinds and make a joke about me ,how can I know, one time I told her one of my biggest secrets, she told it to her friends in front of me and made fun of me . Well my dad is a buisness man he always calls me stupid and all the other mean stuff to me ,its just sad. And I am terrified of him because he would scold me even if I make a slightest mistake like droppinh something on the floor and NOT even breaking it. Can someone help me please? I am just a ten year old kid , I do not have a counseler at school , and i try to avoid it because I dont have freinds. I have two YOUNGER sisters that treat me like trash. I am putting this in the comments because I know that my parents wouldnt watch this video. Sorry if its too long to read.🙁

Caeden Carlson

Didn’t you guys actually get hurt because I would like it really did mean getting hit in the head with a bottle a glass bottle

PhantomFarmer AJ

Gandoph the grey broke into your house

Yumika Nguyen

what happen to his beard

Star Wars Master

Fuck off

Adrian Kuusman

Im looking dude perfect videos everyday

Read the first word

Da Toastie

I have OCD and it's not really like hers mines is when I get unsatisfied if I watch my dad paint and he doesn't finish it I will wait for him to finish it until I will be unsatisfied

TotallyNormal and Wendy_West

realizes that my brithday is on January 12


3:47 meanwhile in BO2: you can't even climb up barrels... well done treyarch.

Shipra Shah

It’s little boring

Sami Ahmed

Why did they have beef godd