Growing up non-English // STORYTIME

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Webb Constable

its okay kris i dont know how to play baseball

Hailey and Friends

The food ole days!

Al Paca

I like you GuruKid, I subscribed to you when you had like 40k subs, keep going and hope you won't be ill ;)

OssiPoika 69

Tyler hitted second wall

Kamryn's Strange Land

368th 😂

Fbj brazil

Mobile games should have his own event... not should be showed at E3... for god sake...


Did he just say kAHnto ?

Jason Leitner

Panda for the win

Aiden Pierce

Looks like altair missed


this is like christmas

Rossana Fioravanti

Bravo bravissimo.... This opening s really awesome....

Scot Destasio

Why does Tyler have a baseball glove

Angie Claudin

Part 2? :)

seventeen's 6itćh

part 2! part 2!

Blizzard Blaster

Sharpedo, Use Tail Whip On Cory, Critical Hit, Wait Was It Only To Decrease The Opponent’s Stats 😐? Yes Im A PokeNerd

Cooper Ohlsson

Why did the last Easter egg make me cry?

M hassaan


Rumble Gear

Her bf is logan or jake paul?


in what COD you get to play as Samantha?


They only vid were they don’t spend any money on rage monster

CaptainCat 55

How awful Cory’s is going to go

Darkstone 158

Why is everyone hating on the graphics so much i mean there not the best possible thing but they are not terrible either and they still have a year before it get released im personally fine with how they look i would play the game still

rao vijayasaradhir

A team which has Messi and Ronaldros will win


i had no weapens (with another glitch) and when i bought a weapon from the wall all my points/weapens were gone :( and i heare samantha laughing

Happy_ Place

So while I was watching this video the things frozen 2 theory thingy pooped up on my screen Me: OH POOP

ama tariq

little late but at 1:24 you can see a thing fall out of the door from other failures

Ryan Landon

Glin lake

5: Just as long as you announce Skyward Sword HD for next year, pretty much everything is forgiven.



arlie Zambrano

I've been sad for a few weeks now because my best friend turned into a bully

Raman singh

How many times you failed for one perfect shot

TheGreatOrGood Studios

"Easter eggs and secrets" videos done right. Plus, I have an excuse to watch Thriller now.

Lily 94367

I'm going to a mental hospital in 3 days. Depression

Mohammedi El Mochoui

WOW im 8 and i weight more i think im 40 \46 pounds and she is 20- wow thats BAD

Gregor Gaming

DudePerfect are the best guys at golf 👍🙏😮

Andrew Erickson

5:13 I replayed that 20 times! It never gets old!

Sam Bash

This is how you stop the tall guy who shoots 3s

Chloe Harrison

panda gangster boi

( . Y . ) 1237612387634063409236407364239047632674

In L4D2 is a easter egg where you can play a level of portal.


Link still has the Master Sword in this trailer I wonder why

taylor veldhuis

10/10 very effective


MWB Gaming

In that situation, your best bet is to find the tail fin of the aircraft and stay near it


man i luv this series

Sweet Candy Suga Army

Narrator:Guess who?

Liam Gallagher

That could have been an ostrich....dick