Healthcare in Germany

The last international health care system we covered – Singapore – got a great response from all of you. This week. We head back to Europe. Specifically, we're going to Germany. Their universal health care system is based on the principles of Bismark, which say that the state should provide only for those unable to provide for themselves. It's a private insurance system, and it's the topic of this week's Healthcare Triage.Those of you who want to read more and see references can go here: Aaron's new book is out! Please consider buying a copy. He'd really appreciate it! Green -- Executive ProducerStan Muller -- Director, ProducerAaron Carroll -- WriterMark Olsen -- Graphics

Tbh, a lot of these things do happen here in our country. Sure there are many pure guys out there, but there are also gold diggers.

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I was diagnosed with an eating disorder and went to a mental health hospital.... I didn’t eat for a whole month and they forced me to drink this protein drink called Ensure. The nurses would force me to drink it, I would cry and cry. It would take me two hours just to finish my 220 calorie drink. That happened 3 times a day. In still struggling but it’s not as serious now I’m eating 1-1/2 meals a day and I became a vegetarian. It wasn’t not a joke to me m, it’s my life....

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