जादुई चेहरा || Hindi Kahaniya || SSOFTOONS HINDI | Fairy Tales in Hindi

जादुई चेहरा . Magical face | hindi jadui kahaniya, jadui kahani.जादूईचेहरा ।जादुई तालाब । magical face। hindi jadui kahaniya, jadui kahani, जादुई वरदान, Category :- baccho ki kahani / fairy tales in hindi yeh hai hindi kahani baccho ki. Audience: Mainly kids but suitable for all who loves fairly talesThis story based on a good lady with a golden heart but her face was ugly. Once she got a boon from the queen of fairly princess and found herself as a beautiful lady. When she took the bath into a magical pond she found that her face becomes beautifulIt is a comedy based on moral story for all kids We have placed this cartoon under the name of baccho ki kahaniya.


There is one you missed on a map in multiplayer don't remember the name but there is 2 buttons you and a friend have to hit within seconds of each other and then near a dead goat in a cage there is either 2 sound files played either grumbling and some trees shake a bit or there is a trex roar and the sound of trees breaking and the tree shake like crazy.

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there are some good memories watching some of those easter eggs over :)

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Hey FunWithGuru, did you know that another small version of the bunny can be found in the beginning level on the plane in a bag storage compartment above a seat?


Hey Guru, I'm new to your Channel and I didn't know that you hid Easter Eggs in this video. And I know Ep. 100 of your Easter Egg Series since I saw your Channel. I keep watching your videos until more Easter Egg videos came in your Channel and I subbed! Keep up the Good Work on those Easter Egg videos. :) (And I like the Easter Eggs in a Easter Egg video. Pretty interesting).

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Also, in the mission "Old Wounds" the cratering charge has writing on the side. Read it. Its really small but I found it kinda funny....