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Dosto, is video me aap upwork.com ke baare me wo sab kuch jaan payenge jo as a beginner aap janana chahte hai. Saath hi aap data entry job ke liye cover letter example bhi dekhenge.Profile Overview and Cover Letter Example : Please scroll down to the end of this description boxDirect Jump To : 00:50 Whats in this Video01:21 What is upwork.com02:16 Who all can work on upwork.com03:04 How to Register on upwork.com03:53 How to create Strong profile09:00 How to complete profile upto 100%10:29 Important Profile Settings11:13 How you get paid on upwork.com and withdrawal of payment12:52 How to Search and Apply for Jobs16:51 Upwork Phone App17:36 Important Tip to get jobs on upwork.com18:25 FAQs about upwork.com►Share this Video: Subscribe to my channel for more interesting updates and videos :Friends! CuriousAboutTech provides videos on How To and Tutorials for Android phone Apps, computer & Internet. CuriousAboutTechreviews apps among millions of Android Apps to help you decide best app for you. We help you learn tips and tricks on smart phone and internet. Keep watching the videos to get best of Technology.►Follow me and provide your feedback and suggestions at :Email : curiousabouttechcat@gmail.comFacebook : : : may write your queries to :Email : wasimsadique@gmail.com(Please start subject of email with #Query)WhatsApp No. : Coming Soon======================================================#Profile Overview Example :I have excellent knowledge of MS Excel with excellent typing speed. I can assist you with any kind of Data entry work,Excel data preparation, analysis and Transcription. I assure you 100% Quality of work delivered. I can perform any kind of copy paste data on websites and PDF conversion as well with high accuracy and timely delivery of the work.I have 5 years of experience in working with MS Office tools i.e. Excel, PowerPoint, Word, outlook etc.You may contact me on my email or Skype to discuss job requirements. I am available for the job at least for 30 Hrs/week as a full time basis.======================================================#Cover Letter Example 1 :Dear Hiring Manager,I have gone through your job requirement and I understand that it requires a high speed typing skill with 100% accuracy.I have 10+ years of experience working with Ms Excel and MS Office tools. I have been doing administrative work like typing material from one source to other for long time as free lancer. I am having excellent typing speed with 100% accuracy.I understand the how critical is the project. I would like to be a part of this to with all my experience on admin work.I am new to upwork.com platform but I have been associated as freelancer for more than 5 years and working Admin work with high efficiency.Please let me know when can we discuss further on this project to have better understanding of the requirements.Thanks and Regards,Wasim SadiqueMS Excel Expert | Admit Job Expert less======================================================#Cover Letter Example 2 :Dear Hiring Manager,Thank you for posting your job opening for Data Entry. I have five years of data entryexperience and I have performed all of the duties listed in your job description. I have excellent typing speed and data entry skills which make me a good fit for the data entry position mentioned in job description. I also have experienced in working with Microsoft tools e.g. Excel, Word and PowerPoint. I can assure you that I can perform data entry tasks with high accuracy while maintaining the 100% quality. I can be available for the job at least 30 hrs/week.I assure you to deliver :- Desired job/document with high accuracy- Document will be Error FreeYou can reach me out to discuss job requirement on my email or Skype. I will be available for any further review and modification in document after submission on desired document.k question here..Typing speed : 60 wpmDelivery of the document : [mentioned date here based on the job nature]Please feel free to ask any question you may have.Thanks and Regards[Your Name]

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